Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Royalty, Vintage Valentine's, and the Easter Dress bodice

Royalty was crowned at the nursing home yesterday. They did this the way we used to do in elementary school. Whoever raised the most money won!! Of course, it was family members who voted with their pennies. The guy on the far right was crowned king! He wasn't sure he wanted to leave the table where his cake and cookies were in order to be crowned, but he did. I didn't even vote with my pennies for Mother because they are going to take the winners on a field trip and there's no way she can go anywhere, and because she's been so confused lately that I didn't know how she would be on the day of the party. Now, I'm kind of sorry because she was ok yesterday.

The next four photos are of actual Valentine's that my mother received when she was a child. She had these framed years ago for my girls and me.

These next three are 3D and in shadow box frames.

The next pictures are all out of any kind of order that makes much sense, but here goes.......
This is Jenna's Easter dress from last year. The sleeves and scalloped hem are from an antique tablecloth. Some of you may remember it.

I hand embroidered flowers in each scallop.

This is how I made Kellen's bodice last year. I used pins and a cardboard base to hold the ribbons in place as I wove them.

Then I sewed a backing of lining fabric that was already cut to the bodice pattern piece, and then I cut it out.

For Jenna's this year, I used this large square plastic tray.

I taped the ribbon to the sides as I wove it. Then I sewed the little bitty buttons on at most of the intersections.

Again, just like last year, I cut the bodice from the lining fabric and sewed it to the back of the woven ribbon. Then, I cut it out.

Here it is ready to be made into a dress. But, first the rest of the pattern pieces must be cut out. Ugh..... my least favorite part of sewing.

Tonight is the church's Valentine banquet. My puppet group is the entertainment. I'll get some photos. We are having a guest appearance by Elvis and Taylor Swift, Mickey and Minnie, etc.......


CreativeMama said...

I admire and salute your craft skills. Wish i will also improve my sewing skills to that level. Kudos to you.

gwensews said...

I like that weaving technique. Very pretty. Sorry your mom is still having some problems. My MIL, who is 96, says it just doesn't pay to get old. I believe her.

Trudy Callan said...

What precious Valentine's your mother received when she was a little girl. I love the vintage look of them. What a treasure to display. Jenna's dress is breathtaking, so princess-like. Nice weaving technique. You have so many talents.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on our blogs. You are so sweet. Emily said you can come live with us and be her sister. We could have so much fun together and craft and sew nonstop.

ittybittyandpretty said...

oh those vintage valentines are to sweet. glad that you admire and adore them as am sure she did.
amazing there nothing you cant do?
smooches on this glorious v-day

Cindy said...

You have such great treasures from your family. And you're making more treasures to be passed down.

I hate cutting too! LOL

Happy Valentines Day! Much love coming your way.....

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