Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Next Project - Easter!!!!! A New Paper Portrait

When my grands were here back in the summer, they were playing with clothes that I had hung in one of my spare bedroom closets. I have my daughter's old prom dresses, one of my mother's childhood Halloween costumes, and all sorts of random garments. This dress, which was one I made in about 1970 -72. My cousin was in the Navy and stationed in Japan. He brought this beautiful raw silk to his sister and me. I think there was only one yard, but I was tiny back then so I was able to make this dress. It was really short! Note the long pointy collar! That was really "in" back then. I wore this while I was in college. There is a bad stain on one of the sleeves that you can see in this photograph.

My oldest grand daughter fell in love with this dress and said she wants one "just" like it. I told her that I couldn't make one "just" like it because I wouldn't be able to get this fabric, etc...... She still insisted that she wants one "just" like it. So, I thought, I would try to make one very similar, and then it hit me, "I can just make her one from this one. I can find a very similar pattern in her size and cut this one down!" It's not like I'm ever going to wear it again! lol There's no since it having it hang in my closet. So, for her Easter dress this year that's what I'm going to do. She'll be 10 in May and is wanting more grownup looking dresses, so that's what she's getting.
One of her aunts says that this is going to be a dress that gets passed down through all of the grand daughters.

Here is a picture of the four year old grand daughter that I took just before Christmas time, when we were celebrating her birthday. Obviously, I have played with it to make it black and white, and to put lots of contrast in the shades of color.

Here's the paper portrait that I made from this photograph. I bought better paper and glue. I think it makes a difference. Now, to get a few more made before Friday so I can take them to the charity center to use as examples for their auction. I will make one for someone who bids the highest. I just hope someone bids. My niece saw this on my facebook wall and sent me pictures of her gorgeous little son today so I can make one of him. He really is a cutie pie!


Susan said...

What a great and wonderful project! She will be beaming on Easter.

Kim said...

your paper cuttings are just amazing!! (I know there is a word for them- but I have no idea how to spell it!) What a cutie pie your grand-daughter is ♥

gwensews said...

What a great idea Julia, making your Grand a dress from yours! I remember those long, pointed collars. And--sailor collars also.

Are you making your grandchildren's paper cuttings for them, or will you keep them yourself? They would look wonderful all hung on a wall together. You are so clever!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Hey - how much are you charging for these paper cuttings? These are beautiful.

beangirl said...


~~louise~~ said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me Julia. You are so full of extraordinary ideas.

And the dress, your adorable grand-daughter is simply going cherish it forever.

Thank you so much for sharing...

Trudy Callan said...

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. You are so talented.

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