Friday, February 26, 2010


I won Kim's giveaway!! When I checked my mail today I had a package. Inside were these two beautifully wrapped gifts and this sweet card!

Kim makes beautiful miniatures. This little puppy, that I have named Puddin, was made by her with a punch needle felting technique!!! I absolutely love him! I hope to learn how to do this type of felting! The little box of candy was also in my package. Since Kim and I are both working on getting healthier, she sent just a wee little box that had two pieces of candy. Did you catch that I said DID have two pieces of candy? That's right, I ate them for my lunch today!! Some healthy eating!! LOL!!! I'll make up for it tomorrow, I promise!!

Some ladies at my church are starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry. They are going to knit and crochet beautiful shawls and lap blankets for people who have a need for them and for prayer. My Mother was the first recipient!!! As this was being made the sweet lady who made it was praying for my mom and for me!! I nearly cried when she gave it to me to take to Mother. Mother was so happy and touched! The four stripes represent the four gospels! There was a lovely poem with it, too. I put it up on Mother's bulletin board so she can remember who made this and why.

I am so blessed with wonderful friends.


KID, MD said...

How wonderful - both the puppy and the Prayer Shawl. I got one of the prayer shawl books for Christmas and am working on one for my mother. So wonderful!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Congratulations on your win. Enjoy your prizes :-)

Kim said...

Julia- I am so glad that you like him ♥ The prayer shawl is so beautiful- what a wonderful gift!! I hope the sun is shining on you today :)

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