Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three dresses done, and.......

.........2 more that just need buttons.  The boys' pants just need hems, buttons, and button holes.  Next will be boys' jackets and ties.  I'm not making the shirts this year.  There is not enough time.
In my last post I told you that I got on the Justice website and so did my three grands in Connecticut.  These are the dresses that they liked and the versions that I came up with for them..

The first one I'm showing is for Miss J.  She liked the ombre effect of the Justice dress.  She didn't really care about having the sequins.  She also wanted sleeves.  So, this was the only ombre fabric that I could find other than some that was orange, rust, yellow, etc.....  She loves purple, so I'm hoping she'll like this fabric.  The fabric is very shimmery.  Can you tell in the photo?

Next is Miss K's dress.  The one without sleeves is the Justice version.  Miss K wanted sleeves.  It's hard to tell from my photograph, but the fabric is very much the same as the Justice dress.

And then there is Miss R's dress.  She liked the black ruffled dress from the Justice website, but she wanted it to be pink and with sleeves.  I have made it with a tulle sash and I also make a chiffon sash that I didn't show here.   It looks wonky hanging on the dress form, but in real life it isn't.

 Miss R has her 6th birthday in a few days.  I borrowed another idea from Justice.  At school the other day, a little girl had on a dress that came from Justice.  It was a long sleeved tee shirt with a chiffon skirt sewn on the bottom.  I used sequined fabric for Miss R's skirt.
 I found these tights to go with this dress.  I sure hope Miss R likes all these sparkly things, since I also
 bought her this shirt to go with some gray jeans that are trimmed in pink.  I added these tulle and sequined butterflies.
You might remember these dresses from last year for our Lil'B and Lil'E.  They have moved from AZ to SC, so the people in SC haven't seen them yet.  I just let down the hem and added the green ribbon back into Lil'B's.  Her mom took the ribbon out after Christmas last year so she could wear it for Valentine's, etc....  Thank goodness, I put in a very big hem.
 For Lil'E, I had put in a deep hem and a growth tuck.  She may be able to wear this next year, too!  This is the Christmas side of the collar.
 Here's the Valentine's side.
So, this year, I am making them jumpers that are reversible.  One side has a Christmas applique, and the reverse side has an E on Lil'E's and a B on Lil'B's.  Lil'E's also has a butterfly and Lil'B's has a bear.  I'll show them as soon as I get the buttons on and take some photos.
The boys things are about half done, so I need to get busy!


Jackie said...

Julia, you did a beautiful job with these dresses. I love how you took the inspiration dresses and kept the flavor while adding what each of your grands wanted. They are going to be thrilled!

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Oh just lovely! I just love that frilly pink number...such fun. Your Grands are the luckiest ducks !!

Trudy Callan said...

They are all totally gorgeous. You make the most beautiful dresses. Your grands must be getting pretty big now to be picking out what they do and don't want.

I have some really nice pictures of Emily in my current post. She's getting so big now. She's now 11. I thought you would enjoy seeing them. There's also some with some of her other siblings as well. Emily's thinking of waiting until she is 13 to start blogging again. She was 8 when you started following her on her little blog. She may change her mind, though. It's hard to say. She just has so much going on right now. She is in American Heritage Girls which is the Christian version of Girl Scouts.

Hope you are doing well.

Here is the link:

gwensews said...

Julia, you are such a "sew and sew". My goodness, and when you sew, you SEW. All beautiful garments, as always.

Donna said...

Julia..These are just fantastic!! I can't wait to start really sewing for the grandkids..but I've still got three teens/adults at home so life is always hectic.

Beautiful..gorgeous work!! Wow-I just love seeing all of this. Isn't is so what's the word for it..challenging/rewarding to work with really delicate and special fabrics? I used to make a few things with chiffon for my only daughter..but that was ages ago.

I see Trudy's comment now I know you're friends. Most of us who love to sew bump into each other eventually. LOL!

So so pretty!!


Donna said...

Ps. Love the reversible collar idea!!

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