Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reversible Christmas "and after" jumpers

Here is Lil' B's dress.  Hers has a tiny polka dotted background and Santa Buttons.  I guess the tree speaks for itself!                                                               
 The reverse side is fine welt corduroy with a big B and a bear.
 Lil'E's is a bit more standoutish.  I suppose that isn't a word, but I couldn't think of one that would work.
 The reverse of hers is also the fine welt corduroy with her initial, an E.  Hers has a butterfly.
I guess they'll wear these with white turtle neck shirts and big white bows in their hair (or green or red or black?????)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Too cute!!! I love these jumpers.

gwensews said...

What a super idea!

Donna said...

Julia, These are so cute! Wow--I've missed visiting you. I'm finally back to blogging..I think. LOL!

I hope you are doing well and I can see that your sewing is going swimmingly.

I'd love to try this for Lena's birthday coming up in February. (She'll be 3). We have a new granddaughter! You may remember when Augie was born and had to spend ten days in ICU. Well..he's a strapping toddler with a new sister..Lillie Sophie.

We are flying to Seattle on January 8th to visit them. (They moved two years ago.)

Well, I'm going to scroll down and see some more of your pretty things. I've only sewn one thing this last month...giant wall flowers to hang over the crib of Trudy's baby Samantha. I'm pretty sure you know her..from Sewing with Trudy.

But I have finally started cutting out the Colorado Rockies..the big one 5 feet wide (not the little one I've show on my blog). It's so nice to be sewing again!!

How is your mother? I do hope she is fine too.

Donna @ Comin' Home

beebayonline said...

Thanks very much! Great to hear from you, and I hope you're doing well.
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MushyWear said...

So adorable!

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