Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Back and I've Been Busy

 Whew!!!!  What a whirlwind of activity has been going on in my life!!!  First of all, we went to South Carolina to visit our daughter who just moved there from Arizona.  Our daughter along with Lil'E and Lil'B came home with us to go to the wedding of one of our nephews.  They stayed the whole week, then went to Nashville to a wedding in which my son-in-law was a groomsman.  Then, our daughter from Massachusetts, her husband, Big Little Man, and Little Little Man came in for our other nephew's wedding.  What a treat it was to see these daughters and their families.
Then, I flew up to Connecticut to visit with the daughter who lives there and the one in Massachusetts.  We celebrated Big Little Man's and Miss K's birthdays.  BLM was 3 and Miss K was 11!!!!   Coming home my flight from CT was delayed, so I missed my connection flight in Charlotte, NC.  I ended up spending the night in a hotel in NC.  I only got about 4 hours of sleep before I had to be up and getting ready to go back to the airport.
In between all of these visits, I have taught a lot, worked on several projects, and worked with the puppeteers at church getting ready to perform this coming Sunday.  I also went to a luncheon at a fellow retired teacher's home.  All of the guests were retired teachers from my school.  What fun that was!
This past Tuesday, May 24th, would have been my mother's 87th birthday.  How fitting it was that the retired teachers organization here chose that day to honor her memory!  I was invited to go, and I'm so glad that I did.  I got to hear people I didn't even know tell memories they had of Mother and how much she meant to them.  It was hard to hold back the tears.
Okay, so I have a few pictures of three of the things I've worked on while I've been taking a blogging break.
First, I have made a prayer shawl for a friend whose husband died recently.  My church has a prayer shawl ministry, and I've decided to participate.  This shawl is 57 inches long and about 2 feet wide.  It's made to drape around her shoulders.  As you may remember, one of the things I was determined to learn was to knit a cable stitch.  I think I've got it figured out, now.  This was fun to make.

 Next, you may remember this Easter dress that I made for Miss J.  It was a little snug across the top, so I added the yellow strips up the sides of the front and all the way around and down the back.  Then, I embroidered a wavy feather stitch along the length of them to tie them in with the center panel. 

 I was rather proud of myself for packing all of the two grands' birthday gifts and my clothes in a carry on bag!  I made this small purse to carry my essential things in so that I wouldn't have to take a regular sized purse.  I did take a tote bag with one gift in it, along with a couple of books.  I have been on a flight before that I was told to put my purse inside my tote.  I didn't think my regular purse would fit in the tote with this other stuff in it.  
Using sample upholstery fabrics, I made the purse below.  As you can see, there is a pocket for my cell phone on the outside of one side.
                                The other side has a zippered pocket for carrying cash.
 The strap is adjustable so that I can carry it across my body or over just one shoulder.  I bought a hook to which I can attach my keys.  I didn't take the keys on my trip.
 On the inside, there is a long pocket that can hold my sunglasses.  I also made two small pockets just the right size for my debit and credit card, my insurance card, and my driver's license.  I kept the driver's license in a pocket by itself so that it would be easy to get to when going through security.  Then there's the main body of the purse which, granted, is small, but large enough for my small calendar and a pack of gum and a small pack of tissues.  I was so happy with the way this purse worked out on my trip.  I have been carrying it ever since I got home.  I will probably make a few more of these and only carry a larger purse when I don't have a choice.
I also made a bag full of zippers for Miss K.  It is an over the shoulder bag made from an old jacket of mine that was made of a floral pique in oranges, pinks, and greens.  I made her a small pocketbook, too.  Then, I made a roll-up case for Big Little Man in which to carry his cars.  I made it and a bag to carry it in from an old pair of my jeans.  I didn't get photos of those.
A lady who works at the nursing home where Mother was, asked me to make tops for her girls to wear in a baton recital.  I wish I had gotten photos, but she said she would email some to me.  They were unique!  I made them to their specifications.
Oh yeah, I also made cosmetic bags for a couple of my friends, and small zippered bags for Miss J and Miss R to carry their stuff when they are on trips, or whenever.  No photos of these either.
I think that's all the projects I've done.  Next, I have a couple of commissioned outfits to make for friends' grandchildren.  One is for a baby boy, and the other is for a girl who is almost toddling.
It's good to be back on my blog.  I have not had time to even read other blogs, so I have a lot of catching up to do!!!  I've missed you.
On top of all that I celebrated my birthday (59th) and Mother's Day!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am going to follow along with a few other bloggers and take a little break from blogging.  I will still try to read some of yours, and if you are someone who I email with, I will definitely try to keep up with you that way.  I just have lots going on and not enough hours in the day.

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