Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm off to see the..................

fabrics and patterns, of the wonderful Hobby Lobby and maybe JoAnn's.  Since those are really the only two stores in our area that carry fabrics.  Well, I take that back, there's also Gina's and Katy's, so I may visit those, as well.  I've talked with my daughter, who is the mother of Misses K, J, and R.  They have looked at the Justus website and these are the dresses they like for the holidays and band/chorus concerts.  The first one is the one that Miss R, who is almost 6, likes best.  She wants it to be pink, however.  I will probably put sleeves in the dress, though.                                                                                    
 Below is Miss K's favorite.  She's 11.  She does want cap sleeves, though, so I'll need to look for a similar pattern with sleeves for her.  I probably have one already.
 Finally, this is the dress that Miss J likes best.  This is very similar to the one she liked best last year.  Finding the ombre fabric was the hard part, so I had to compromise.   I hope I'm able to find it this year.  Miss J does want sleeves, too.
 These bolero sweaters are pretty and practical.  I don't know that I'll try to make these, but I might keep my eyes open for possibilities.
Lil'E and Lil'B don't live where they did last year, and they are both able to wear the dresses they had then, with adjustments to length.  So, I'm just going to make them cute little holiday jumpers that are reversible, maybe.

The boys, Big Little Man and Little Little Man, both need some dressy clothes and not much else, so I will be on the look out for patterns and maybe some houndstooth fabric for jackets and coordinating fabrics for pants, shirts, and ties.
I'm on my way!!!!!


Gail said...

The inspiration dresses are so pretty, but I'm certain you'll outdo them.

sewing spots said...

Can't wait to see your take on these! The creative process is fun. Any news on your machine??

novita darmawan said...

hi aunt... i've just come to your blog...and it's a nice one... ^^
God bless.. ^^

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

These look like so much fun. Can't wait to see what you do with the designs.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Will you stop being so talented, I am so envious of your talent and that is not a proper thing to be...
Smile, smile.

beebayonline said...

Excellent! So glad to read something new from you...Thanks!
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