Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland???????

On Thursday night of last week, we were at our daughter's house in MA.  It snowed, which we thought was pretty incredible, seeing as how it was only October 27th.  That evening we drove in snow to our daughter's house in CT.  It was pretty scary driving in all that snow!  Our MA daughter ended up with about 4 inches, and our CT daughter had about 2 inches. Amazing, right? WRONG!
 On Saturday, which is actually when we planned to leave up there and head back toward TN, this is what started happening!  This is our daughter's back yard after only an hour or so of the snow beginning to fall.
 This photo was taken from our hotel room in Hartford, and it's actually on it's side.  The snow was not falling to the ground, it was blowing horizontally because of the blizzard winds!!!  We were in a hotel, because our daughter's power went out, trees were falling and breaking everywhere, and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to make it to the interstate the next morning.  We had decided by this point to wait out the storm and drive straight through on Sunday.  Our daughter and her family went to the hotel with us, because they were afraid a tree might fall on their house during the night, and like I said earlier, they had no power.
 Following are some of the photos I shot on the way through Connecticut and New York.  Interstate 84 was closed near Carmel and Kent, NY.  We had to detour, and of course had no idea where we were going.  We ended up getting back on 84 a mile or so before the detour began, so we had to detour again.  This time we turned the other direction, and ended up on highway 50, which was also closed.  We spent an hour or more at a Blimpie's until the interstate opened back up.  The entrance ramp was right next to this Blimpie's.  We drank coffee, ate a biscuit, and listened to lots of comments by lots of other people who were also stranded!
 Some of the sites were beautiful!

 See the fall colors peeping out from under the snow and ice?  Weird!
We made it home, though, with only a couple of hours added to our normal drive.  We both had to get up and go to work yesterday morning, and even though we are tired, we managed okay.  Our daughter in CT still has no power, her children haven't had school so far this week, and it's been called off for tomorrow already, but worst of all, Halloween was called off in CT!!!  Our daughter in MA fared a lot better.  Her power is still on!


MushyWear said...

Wow, what a storm. So glad you made it home safely. Such a bummer Halloween got called off. Oh my, I hope the grands have a chance to wear their costumes for some other event or maybe have a fun party at home when the power comes back on. The photos really are amazing.

MyNorth said...

The photos are really good! Glad you all fared the storm okay. It can be really scary when heavy wet snow collects on tree branches that are already laden with wet leaves. Driving in those conditions isn't much fun either.
Too bad about Hallowe'en, especially since you made such fabulous outfits for your grands.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what great pictures. I really don't envy your snow. The Lord placed me in Florida cause I think He knew I could not handle all that cold and snow :-)

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Beautiful pictures, Julia. So sorry you had to battle the snow storm. This happened to us two weekends ago when we were leaving Baltimore for home. After we passed through the icy roads, and driving got better, it was just beautiful to look at. Peaceful.

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