Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look What I Have On My To Do List!!

Not this exactly, but you get the idea, right!? Yep, it's another baby grand daughter to add to our little family!!! She's not due till the end of July!! I am so excited. My daughter just found out yesterday that we would be using more pinks than blues!!!!

Big Sis is dancing for joy!!! She knows how much fun sisters have because she has watched her mom and aunts and cousins in action. Poor Little Man - So out numbered!!!! He'll have to be wary of the nail polish and dress up clothes that all these girl cousins are likely to want to put on him!!

Thanks to all of you who had confidence in my things selling at the auction. I really almost decided not to go, just in case they didn't sell and I would be embarrassed! Whew!


beangirl said...

Congratulations!! Sisters are awesome!

gwensews said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to you, your daughter and her family. More people to love!

KID, MD said...

Congratulations!!! What wonderful news.

Kim said...

Congratulations Julia!! Best wishes to your daughter throughout her pregnancy :) I cannot wait to see what you make because there is nothing in the world sweeter than baby girl clothes!

Sher said...

Oh congratulations! You will have an exciting summer :)

Angelia said...

Congratulations!! I know how much fun you have sewing for your grand babies.
I could see how a sister would have been fun... but no sis for me.. just baby brother Aaron!!

Faye Lewis said...

Congratulations! There's nothing like another one.

ittybittyandpretty said...

so much has happened since i last visited! you are one super gran! yay for the little life that is to be. and yay for the sales at the auction.
blessings for a great week

Jackie said...

Congratulations! She looks thrilled to be having a sister.

Chicago Sarah said...

Oh, that's wonderful! And also about the auction (I had all confidence in you). :)

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