Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally.....I really finished the auction dress!

Okay, so here's the back bodice. These buttons are just for show. Since it's reversible the real buttons and button holes are for the other side. I embellished this side with rick rack which I love to use!

Here's the front. I see that I forgot to crop this photo. On top of this cabinet is where I store some of the heirloom tea towels, handkerchiefs, etc... I have lots more than this.
Anyway, here's the front of the dress. As you see, it's a pretty simple little dress.

Then, when you turn it inside out, this is what you get. The back bodice is scalloped and piped. I think the flower shaped buttons worked on this dress. The ruffles on the sleeves are actually on the reverse side's sleeves. They just peek out on this side. I have whip stitched the bottom of the sleeves together on the inside, as well as, all around the bottom of the bodices.

Here's the whole back full length. I didn't crop this photo either, hum....? I must be slipping.

And here is the front. I see that I need to press a little better.

Now, I can take it to the center that is having the auction. I am also going to do a couple of paper portraits to take as examples of what I can do. For the auction they can display a couple of examples so people will know what they look like. I will make one for whoever, if anyone, bids on it. I hope that this dress and the portrait will bring in at least a little $$. Mainly because I want to help them and also, it could be embarrassing if no one bids on them at all.

Now, I have seen where a couple of bloggers have posted a list of things that make them happy. I am going to attempt to make my own list. I think it is important to count your blessings every so often.
1. Seeing and talking to my daughters and their husbands
2. Seeing, playing with, holding, and talking to my grands
3. Holding a newborn
4. Visiting my mom when she's having a good day
5. The snow, when I don't have to get out in it
6. A good book
7. A finished project
8. Dreaming of new projects
9. Sewing/smocking/embroidering/etc.....Seeing the look on the face of whomever I have sewn something for
10. Scherenschnitting! What a word!
11. Words, especially learning new and interesting ones and their origins
12. My husband cooking
13. My friends, Old ones, New ones, and Cyber ones
14. Holidays when we are with family
15. Reading other people's blogs
16. Having my own blog
17. Watching UT football and basketball, especially when we win
18. The Colts being in the Super Bowl! I love Peyton!
19. Clean sheets on the bed
20. All of the laundry done
21. Feeling loved by family and friends
22. Gosh! I could go on and on. I didn't know that I had so many things that make me so happy.


Myra said...

absolutely beautiful, Julia.

KID, MD said...

It's gorgeous!! Beautiful work.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

The dress is soooooo pretty. Who ever wears it is a lucky girl.

I love your happy list - many many things bring me joy too!

Rachel said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful!!!

gwensews said...

Yay, Julia! Congratulations on making a beautiful little dress. Do you hate to part with it? I know, it's for a good cause.

Kim said...

I have absolutely loved watching this dress come together- I am amazed by your talent--it is so beautiful! If no one bids on it I will fall on the floor in disbelief!! I love your list of things that make you happy- you are sooo right- it is so good to count our blessings. Have a wonderful week Julia!!

Claudia said...

Just beautiful, Julia. And I love your list!


Chicago Sarah said...

Wonderful list- thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

Both dresses are just gorgeous!

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