Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A peek at Riley's Easter Dress

Here is a picture of the smocking on Riley's bishop sytle Easter dress.

I haven't made but a couple of these style dresses before. When I have, I've never lined them. I really wanted to line this one, though. It just gives this soft, fine fabric, a little more body and fullness. So, after smocking it, I folded it at the center front and put it on the fold of the fabric. I cut a yoke to fit the smocking part. I then cut the skirt using the same idea. I gathered the skirt top and sewed it to the yoke. The only place I have stitched it to the dress is around the sleeve. I just tacked it in a few places across the top and whipped it around the rest of the sleeve. It is basted around the neck. I will sew it into the binding around the neck and the back opening, as well. I'm still debating about a couple of other things that I might do with this dress.

I have lil E's dress pleated. Yea! My pleater is still working just fine!!! And, I will be cutting out Little Man's outfit later today. Next Easter I'll be making 5 little dresses and a boy's suit!!! Gosh, I'll have 6 Halloween costumes and 6 Christmas garments, Valentines outfits, etc....... Whew! I'll be busy, but I can't think of a better way to stay busy, can you?

I'm on my way to a Lenten luncheon at the local Methodist Church today. Some of the churches take turns on Wednesday's during Lent to have soup lunches. The friend I usually eat with on Weds. is helping with today's lunch. I'll take soup to Mother.
By the way, do you give up something for Lent? I started doing that many years ago when my children were little. They still practice this, too. This year, since I am working on getting back into shape, I've decided that I am giving up sitting in my chair so much. Instead, I'm getting up and exercising.


Martha said...

Very pretty, I love pink and green together. One of my girls was in a sorority whose colors were pink and green, so we have seen a LOT of it. :) I have never lined a bishop just always used slips. I will be interested in seeing how it affects the hang and drape of the bishop. Great job and congrats on another baby girl!

Goosegirl said...

Julia, that is so beautiful. I love the idea of lining a bishop. This makes perfect sense. Gorgeous.

Little Sewing Alcove said...

awesome work Julia...Riley is one lucky little girl!!

KID, MD said...

Wow!! It's lovely! You are such an awesome grandma!!!

gwensews said...

I love the light green. It's different. Very pretty with the smocking.

Jackie said...

I just love pink and green together! Your smocking is amazing and it's going to be an awesome dress.

Congrats on getting more exercise. I'm still in couch potato mode.

~~louise~~ said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! Your talent is simply amazing. Your creativity, ingenious and your patience, priceless!!!

I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never sew. However, Tabi, my seven year old grand-daughter is starting lessons this summer. Hurray!!!

Gail said...

Julia, this is really special. Glad that the exercise regime is going well. I have this image of you with the calendar looking at all the excuses to make new things for your grandkids. Easter...tick! Christmas...tick! Birthdays...tick! Thanksgiving...tick! You're a supergran.

Trudy Callan said...

That's truly amazing.

Michelle said...

Beautiful colors! Gorgeous work!

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