Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easter Dress Number Two Done - Well, Almost!

Jenna's Easter dress is finished, except for the hem. I'm waiting on her mom to get a measurement for me before I hem it. I see that the sleeve on the right looks cockeyed, but I promise it's not. I intended to smock the front of the belt, but my pleater has not been cooperating. I'm hoping that the new needles that I ordered will help. Anyway, I ended up pleating this by hand. Then I embellished it with ribbon rose buds and piping.

Close up of the sleeve and its binding

Close up of the neckline piping


You might be able to see the sash carriers are made from the narrow pink ribbon.


Rachel said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love the color combo.

KID, MD said...

Wow!! It's amazing, Julia! She's going to LOVE it!!

Faye Lewis said...

How beautiful!

gwensews said...

All of that ribbon weaving is amazing. Totally. That dress is just beautiful. Nice work, lady!

Cindy said...

Another treasure. It's beautiful! I love the bodice.
Ally's standing next to me. I asked her what she thought. She said it was a little long so I had to tell her you had to hem it when you got the measurements. Then she shook her had and said..nice. :) and from a girl who no longer wears dresses.
Enjoy your sewing moments!

Jackie said...

I love how you wove the different sized ribbons. Very cute! I really like the way you do your neckline piping and finish the sleeves, it really gives a very polished look to the finished piece!

beangirl said...

what an amazing amount of work. This is why grandma's make special dresses and mom's make jammies.

beangirl said...

wow, seriously? I guess I need a grammar lesson because I have no idea why I put those apostrophes in there. I swear my fingers have minds of their own.

Kim said...

Julia- every time I see a new outfit I wish and wish that you were my Grandma. The dress is gorgeous!

LAnderson said...

Hey Julia - this is Laurie from SewNso's Sewing Blog - thanks for visiting my blog! I am now a follower of your blog as well.
I am trying to understand why your needles might be breaking on your pleater. I am wondering if the screws that hold the removable rod in place might not be tight enough - sometimes if there is play in the rod, it can cause needles to break. The other suggestion is to make sure that you buy needles that specifically go to your pleater - needles can break if they aren't the correct ones for your pleater. Hope this info resolves the issue.

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