Friday, February 19, 2010

Now that my PLEATER is back in shape.........

It's time for me to get that way, too. My husband went for a physical a couple of days ago, and so far all the news has been great. He has lost 11 pounds since his last visit a month ago. His ekg and chest xrays were really good. He's going for a stress test next week. I'm sure he'll do fine. The reason for this check up was because the cholesterol medicine he was on was causing him to have leg cramps. So, the doctor took him off of it and told him to watch his diet and get moving. He has really been working hard in both regards. He hasn't heard what his cholesterol levels are yet. We are very anxious to see how he has done without the medicine.

I have sort of, kind of been going along with him, but only half-heartedly. After visiting
this blog and this blog this morning, I am determined that I am going to fight this funky body I'm in to get it back in shape. Gosh, how long has it been since it's really been in shape. Uh, never.....? Back when I was a teen, I was very thin, and I was very active. I was on the basketball team in high school, and I swam as often as possible. My family and I had some kind of activity going on every day of the year that the weather permitted and there were enough of us around. On other days, I shot basketball after basketball or played ping pong with one of the cousins. But, was I really in shape. I guess so, but I was always one of the slowest on the basketball team, and I was usually out of breath, so I really don't know. I was definitely better off then, than now.

In college, I walked all over campus every day. My classes were always on opposite ends of the campus and back-to-back on my schedule, so really, I guess I jogged rather than walked. If you've ever been on UT's campus you know that the "Hill" is where a lot of classes are held. I didn't have many classes on the "Hill", but mine were always on either side of the "Hill" one after the other. I don't know how my schedule ended up like that every quarter.

I got married while we were still at UT. Our married student apartment building was at the top of 17th Street, which, trust me, was like hiking up a mountain. I don't think I could do it today.

Then, it was motherhood time. I had my first when I was 24, the second at 27, and the last at 30. I absolutely was determined each time to loose the baby fat. And..... I did! Each time! But, it always slowly crept back on when I wasn't paying attention!
After my third child, I did lose the weight, but not for long, and then I gained it back, plus the weight that I had gained with each of the other two on top of it!!! Well, not quite that much, but it felt like it! I also never got exercise, except for chasing after my kids. Some moms swear that that alone takes off their weight, but not mine.

I had never had to watch what I ate before, and I didn't begin then.

So, now, after my kids are grown and have their own kids, and I've been through times of being way overweight and not so overweight, but always overweight, it is time. It is time to get into shape!

I am not going to try to get back to my high school body, ha; like I could anyway. But, I am going to try to get to a weight that makes me comfortable. I need to lose about 20 - 30 pounds to be there. However, just losing the weight isn't going to do it. I need to move, move, move my body!!!

When I visit my mom at the nursing home and realize, that will be me in about 20 or so years, if I don't change my ways, I get scared!!! I am now officially scared enough to do something about it.

I go to the doctor for a check up in March. I am going to set that day as a short term goal to have lost at least 5 pounds and to be exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

In my defense, I do have problems with sciatica. If you've never experienced this, you cannot imagine the pain it causes. I seem to have it under control for now, though, and if I'm careful I won't cause it to flare up again.

THE TIME HAS COME FOR ME TO TAKE CARE OF ME!!!! I want to be healthy and vibrant for my grands!!!!!!!!!!

If you are one of the few who has actually read all the way through this, why not join me? We can encourage each other. I'm going to post about my progress at least once a week. I know, I know this isn't about sewing, writing, or creating in anyway, except for creating a new me!!! I would love to read about your progress, too. I think it would help me to know there are others out there who are struggling the same as I am.


sunshine said...

Hi Julia,
So glad to have you following along with Kim and I. I'm so excited actually. It's fun to see something grow.
I'm in the same boat as you. 20-30 pounds. I have 4 kids and with each, gained a little weight.
I'm doing it for health reasons as well. Not to be model thin or whatever.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you do.
I've hooked myself up to follow you too.
Take care!

Kim said...

hooray Julia- I am so excited you are doing this too!! I wish you lots of luck and I know that we can all do this- good health is so important as we get older :)

Gail said...

Julia, Taking time for you will help you be a great grandma for longer! Good luck with it..hopefully you will inspire me along the way.

Trudy Callan said...

This is wonderful. I'm so glad you are making this important step. Then you will never have to be in a nursing home. I have two recommendations for you. First, Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. They have a dvd. This program has stretches that line up the body much like chiropractic visits do. So therefore your body is freed from pain, including sciatic pain. My husband has two herniated discs and is able to keep working because of this program. It has helped me with neck and and lower back issues.

I also recommend you read The Weigh Down Diet book by Gwen Shamblin. It's not actually a diet just some good principles on portion control and helping a person to know just how much food their body really needs. It has really enlightened me. I learned so much. I don't agree with all of her food choices, But you can apply the parts of the book that you agree with.

With these two things combined with your exercise, drinking water and the other things you had already planned to do, you should see amazing results with how you look and feel as well as preventing flair ups of your sciatica.

If you ever have any questions on nutrition, please feel free to email me your questions. I have studied nutrition extensively for the past 15 years.

Cindy said...

Way long comment - sorry!

Put on your shoes and lets walk around the block!

I'm right there with you. But I made this decision in December because I was getting sick way too much. Only thing is, I've been all talk and no action. I'm 214 lbs. How the heck did I let this happen to myself? In HS I was a healthy weight at 160. I was a weight woman on the track team throwing shot put and discs - couldn't run to save my life. I swam 100m back for several years in school, played softball for 10 years. Before the kids we would ride our bikes to FT. Lauderdale beach and back every weekend which is about a 20 mile ride (then have a beer in the pool when we got home LOL) and played racquet ball 3 times a week (I worked at the club part time - great networking for Real Estate - tell hubby to join a club)
Now, I don't eat when I should or workout any.

I use to know a trainer who explained burning fat like this. Think of it like a fire place. When you wake up in the morning you have to start your something. Just like a fire if you don't throw a log on the fire will go out which means you have to eat something every few hours to keep the calories burning. I do good in the morning then loose it when the afternoon hits mostly because I do 4 hour sewing classes and it could be 5-6 hours between eating. Then I come home, clean up the house because I hate a messy place (a big problem for me) and sit in front of the TV to watch Project Runway, LOST (I'm so lost watching that show) and a few others. So my problem is I can't eat right, don't have time to get my heart pumping again. Hopefully when I move my business up the street and start walking to my studio that will help...but still...finding the time is the hardest thing for me.

But, I'm right there with you. It will be fun to do this with my friend. Now really, you have the hills, I have the flat land - better to do our walks at your place... See ya soon! :) I'm on my way.. LOL

Jackie said...

I have every confidence that you can do anything you decide to do. I've been a long term WW'er but the past few months I have had terrible eating habits on the weekend. I need to get back into a regular exercise routine too.

I've had one sciatica incident and all I can say is that I've never hurt so much in my life. UGH!

Sue said...

Well done you! I am an exercise freak now (and eat really well compared to earlier on) but was overweight and unfit 5 years ago. It really is worth taking that first step, it will improve your life in so many ways (as a sewist you will appreciate that your clothes fit better) but every aspect improves. Looking forward to hear how you go.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

I met you yesterday when your husband was taking the stress test and I was waiting for mine. It was so very nice to meet you and exchange blogs. You are a very talented woman and easy to talk to. I may even take you up on the weight issues as I would love to drop 20 lbs and get off all the meds I am on. Good to meet you it was meant to be. Diane

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