Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving Right Along and Frozen Fog!

I just found this new blog, The Works of Our Hands, and thought you might like it too. I'm her first follower , but I'm sure that as soon as other people find her she will have lots and lots and lots.

This is the reverse side of the dress so far. As you can see, I have to hem the yellow corduroy side and I haven't done bottonholes, or decided on buttons, yet. The ruffled part of the sleeve will show on both sides. The sleeves are a little funky because they are two layers of sleeves. The piping was definiely the way to go around the neck edge. I opened up the ends of the piping that goes up the back center and inserted the neck piping into it so that it would be a continuous piece of piping. I think I'm going to hem the yellow so that the floral will peek out at the bottom. What do you think?

This is what frozen fog looks like when it settles on the trees. Beautiful. I wish you could have seen these in person, because the way the sunlight hit these trees, made them look like they were lit up with Christmas lights.

This is my Nandina Bush with the red berries and a little frost.

This is my grandmother's ivy. When we sold her house we moved some of it to my aunt's house when my mother was living there. I then brought some of it here when we moved here. My husband does not like it because it does tend to take over everything, but this is one thing I'm keeping no matter what! I do have to go out and pull it off the side of the house, out of the other plants it is near, and cut it back when it creeps into the driveway. It's worth it. I love ivy. My daughter actually used some of this ivy in her wedding. It is one thing that reminds me of my grandmother daily!!


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

ooo - the trees and berries are so beautiful. And that dress is a delight!

What was the new blog you found?

gwensews said...

Your pictures are pretty. I am surronded by ice and snow. The trees look beautiful when they are iced over. Your little dress is coming along.

What blog?

KID, MD said...

The dress is wonderful! I love the idea of letting a bit of the floral peek out at the hem.

Amy said...

I love this dress! I never thought of making a smocked dress reversible.

Jackie said...

The pictures of your winter landscape are wonderful!

Your dress is coming along just beautifully. I'm always amazed at your talent!

Chicago Sarah said...

OH, those pictures are so beautiful. And so is the dress. I thought they were two separate dresses actually until I remembered...

Trudy Callan said...

Gorgeous dress and gorgeous pics.

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