Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The Lord's Given me the knowledge.........."

of what I've done. Carvings are personal, not part of a ministry." This is a quote by a gentleman who is in the nursing home right down the hall from my mother. I talk to him every day. This is from a book about him.

This is the cover of the book, An Old Man Has Visions.

Inside are photos of the remarkable wood carvings he has done during his life. There are lots that are not going to be in my post, but that are just as incredible as these.

Here he is at work.

More photos of his work.

His most famous work of art. Yes, this motorcycle is carved out of wood. It is life sized. He carved it from memory! It is absolutely one of the most remarkable creations I've ever seen. Now, he can't even sign his name. I'm going to try to catch him on a good day and let him give a try to autographing this book, though.

There are so many people with fascinating stories at the nursing home. There is an Army Sergeant, an Airforce Pilot, School Teachers, a Voice Teacher, a Social Worker who worked with abused children, etc................

Ta Da..... I have Kellen's dress finished. I took it apart, cut it down to her size, lined it this time (originally it wasn't lined), shortened the collar a little, reinserted the same zipper (the one I bought wasn't made as well as the one that was in it originally), and ta da....... it's done!!! I sure hope Kellen likes it as much as she thought she did earlier.


Sher said...

He does beautiful work!

And her little dress reminds me of orphan Anne style :)

Marydon Ford said...

G'eve Julia ~

Exquisite craftsmanship ... such blessed hands & mind.

What a darling dress you have made, I am sure she'll love it.

Happy Valentine's
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs, Marydon

gwensews said...

Doncha' just love talking to older people? I do. They know the answers to my questions. They know what I do not.

That remade dress turned out just beautifully. Nice work, lady.

ittybittyandpretty said...

what an amazing man, you are lucky to be in such good company!

Trudy Callan said...

His work is amazing. The dress turned out great.

difergie said...

I can't believe you have it done already...looks just like the original, hmmmmm
love the info on the wood artist, what a history, his work is beautiful...truly a gift

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