Friday, February 5, 2010

Redone Scherenschnitte for one of my blogger friends.

I promised one of my blogger friends a gift as a thank you for a very sweet and generous gift that she sent me, a long while back. I had one scherenschnitte done that I was going to send to her, but once I learned to do the portraits, I realized that I could do much better. So, I actually put her profile picture in my iphoto( I hope she doesn't mind that I did this. Since it was the back of her head and she isn't identifiable from the photo, I thought it would be ok. I deleted it just as soon as I was through), made it black and white, and played with the contrast. Then, I made this new scherenschnitte. This is done with only black and white with a background of tan. The color doesn't look just right here, for some reason. This is actually a reverse of her profile picture.

Since this reminds me of a cameo, I decided to look up "Cameo Role" in my "Why You Say It" book written by Web Garrison. This is what he says, "Seashells and gemstones often have several layers that include two or more hues. Long ago, artisans learned to take advantage of this factor by carving in such fashion that a raised central figure or figures is of different color from the background.
A cameo engraved in this way doesn't have to be rare and costly in order to be beautiful and prized. Many that are hawked on the streets of Rome and other European cities are inexpensively exquisite, though tiny.
Transferred to the world of entertainment, the name of small but lovely jewelry became the term for a bit part played by a notable performer. On the stage, in the movies, and in television, many producers vie for viewers by including cameo roles that feature persons with famous names."

The words, "beautiful" and "exquisite" remind me of this blogger. So, the term is very appropriate for this post.

1 comment:

Trudy Callan said...

Very nice. Now you can do one of Emily. Just kidding.

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