Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toothfairy Pillow

I only have a couple of minutes to get this post done. I'm taking my Mother to the dentist this morning. Actually, I'm not "taking" her, I'm following the van that is taking her. There is a service here that takes handicapped people to doctor's appointments, and such. Thank goodness, because I couldn't take her myself, in my car.
Her gums have been bothering her. I'm thinking she either needs new dentures or to have hers relined. The dentist's Mother-in-law is going to be joining my mom at the nursing home on a temporary basis. She fell and broke her arm in several places the other day. Mother will be happy. This dear lady is a good friend of Mother's.

Now to the toothfairy pillow. The head of nursing at the nursing home has a grand daughter who has her first loose tooth. She was planning to make this pillow herself and realized she just didn't have time. So, she asked me to make it. She had already bought most of the supplies. Now, I didn't stop to think about whether I had time or not, which I did not, but I worked it in and got it done anyway. I hope she likes it. I took it to her yesterday, but she wasn't working.
The first photo is of the fabric she had bought. The second is a piece left over from my grand daughter's night gown. It's amazing how they worked together.

Here's a close up of the princess toothfairy! Her bouquet is the pocket that will hold the tooth and the $$$ left by the fairy.
Here's the finished pillow.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a very sweet pillow! Hope your Mom will do okay today at the dentist.

Trudy Callan said...

How nice that your mom will have her dear sweet friend to spend time with for a while. That should brighten her day. Hope the dental appointment solves the gum problem.

The pillow is so sweet. How nice of you to make that for her since she doesn't have the time.

Susan said...

Just how cute is that?! I'm sure she will love it!

gwensews said...

You are so good, Julia, making this sweet little pillow for someone else as busy as you are. The tooth fairy will surely be in awe of it! i'll be looking, someday for a tooth fairy pillow for little boys.

Gail said...

They'll have sweet dreams! Lovely pillows.

Jackie said...

What cute fabric and I love the Toothfairy pillow! You were very generous to make it!

Khris said...

How cute...hugs Khris

Christy Sews said...

OH it's so pretty.

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