Sunday, August 2, 2009

Really, I Have Been Sewing A Little

I really have been sewing...... a little. I made a gown for my grand daughter for her birthday, and then decided I hated it, so I took it almost all the way apart, and now I have to decide if I'm going to remake it or just start over. I have another one cut out. I also have a dress and some dress-up clothes to make for her. When I decided that I was going to reorganize my patterns I didn't have the realization of just how many patterns I have and how much room they are going to take up in these bigger folders. I made the decision to move my treasured cabinet that I've been storing them in over next to my machine. Well, it doesn't fit like I thought, but I think I can make it work. To make a long story short I have a big mess in my sewing room right now. But, I'm just going to have to sew around it because I am in the mood to get my grand daughter's birthday gifts made. I promise to do a sewing post again very soon. I know that I said in my profile that I would post about my sewing, writing (which I've done very little of, even though I just submitted my first short story to a magazine and do not expect to hear from it), and drawing (which I haven't done much of either). I don't think I even mentioned my love for all things vintage, because I didn't realize how much of a love for them I had until I started blogging about them and reading other people's blogs about them.

This is a photo of me, in the red blazer, and my brother, sister, and cousins. These are the cousins that I have written about quite frequently. I didn't get a chance to ask if any of them minded me posting this photo so I fuzzed out their faces. I really don't think they would mind either way. This photo is rather dated, so none of us really look the same anyway. I was probably about 14 years old, so that makes it 43 years old! Whoa!!!! I didn't realize it was that long ago. My cousins' parents died; their dad when the youngest was just 3 and their mom when he had just turned 12, so my mom moved in their house which was next door, and helped them (his brother was 16 then) finish growing up. My one cousin, Malinda, in the blue suit, and I are only 4 months apart in age. We were both in college when their mom died. One of my cousins and my brother were in the Navy. Our oldest cousin was married (her husband is even in this picture)and had a child. My sister was married by then, too. Anyway, we've always been very close. It was our grandmother, Honey, who taught Malinda and me to sew.
I see that I have 48 followers, now. This should be post 96. I will have to keep thinking of a celebration for when I get to my 100th post and 50th follower.
Now, to look for plane tickets for a trip we plan to take later on this fall and for a wedding gift for a niece who is getting married in October. We're invited to a party for her next weekend!


blushing rose said...

Well, no wonder ... you have so many things going on & preparing for ... anxious to see what you ar making for the gr-dau. TTFN ~Marydon

Gail said...

Gosh Julia, you look so different to the mental picture I had. Although I suspect that you might look a lil' more mature now? Keep well.

Jackie said...

How lucky you are to have had so much family so close to you!

gwensews said...

You were a cute teenager! I see that foot is not slowing you down one bit!

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