Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Outfit for Me! and Bloomers for the Annie Dress

I don't sew for myself, but every now and then I do buy myself something. My husband and I are going to a cookout tonight in honor of our niece and her fiance who are getting married this fall. I needed, well, wanted, something new to wear. There is a fantastic store in a town about 30 miles from us where I can actually find things that are age appropriate for me. I am not a teen or even a young 20, 30, or 40 anymore, but I am also not in my 70s or 80s either. It is so hard to find something that is somewhere in between those two age groups. But, this store, Christopher & Banks, has beautiful garments for the 50 and 60 age group. Anyway, I found this linen skirt with these beautiful hot summer colors. It is a mock wrap skirt. It fits perfectly. I looked for something orange or that plum color and couldn't match it, but decided I liked the yellow anyway. I love all things yellow. I thought about looking for shoes, but how smart would that be right now, while still wearing my post op boot on my right foot. I have white, lime green, tan, etc.... shoes that I can wear anyway. I just have to decide which one.

I learned that the smaller boot was not made for walking in very far. I actually didn't walk all that far. My husband let me out at the entrance that is just around the corner from this store. But, by the time I was through looking I thought I would die from the pain. My husband went to the Verizon store, which was just a couple of stores away, but by the time I got there, I was in serious pain. I then walked to the rest room and back to the Verizon store, where my husband was still working out a deal. He then decided he needed a new shirt so I sat on a bench out in the mall like most husbands do while waiting on their wives to finish shopping. Then, I had to walk back out to the car which was just outside the door of the mall. I have decided that as much as I was looking forward to the smaller boot, the bigger one gives so much more support, so I'm going to wear it when we go anywhere.

I love bloomers on little girls who are still in diapers. So, I decided to make some for the Annie dress. I didn't have enough of the red left, but I found this tiny houndstooth black and white check in my stash. There was just barely enough to make the bloomers, but I really like the way they look with this dress.
I didn't post a photo of the back of the dress before. Rather than have a white band sewn into the waist line, I thought a separate belt would work better. The belt has a velcro closure so the buttons are just for show, but I like the way they look. My daughter asked me to make another dress using the pattern that this was based on, so that's today's project. I have it cut out and waiting by the machine.


Trudy Callan said...

That's lovely fabric for the linen skirt. Love the bloomers. Really sweet. I'm so sorry your foot is causing you so much pain. How much longer will you need to wear the boot? Do you know when your pain will start to subside?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

were do you those cute backgrouds

Christy Sews said...

I love the idea of houndstooth for the bloomer. So very cute. Sorry to hear about your foot. Who knew that the smaller boot would cause so much pain upon walking. Kudos on finding an age appropriate skirt. Isn't it such a shame to have to look so hard for appropriate clothing mature women? I actually find it difficult to find anything for the 40'ish crowd either. Too old for most of it and too young for the rest.

gwensews said...

What you said about your boot reminded of the song: "These boots are made for walking"--NOT! So sorry. Those are beautiful colors in the skirt. And the bloomers for the Annie dress are adorable. When my daughrer was in elementary school, I made her "pantaloons" with ruffles around the bottom to wear under her dresses so when she turned upside down on the jungle gym, she was covered up appropriately.

Susan said...

Sounds like you had a real shopping adventure! A friend of mine had the same surgery earlier this summer and it really does take quite awhile to get back to normal afterward. Try not to push yourself.

Sher said...

Such lovely colors in that skirt! Beautiful choice!

I think you did too much on your outing. Try to take it easy for the next week. (hugs)

i cant sew said...

oh i agree bloomers are toot cute on little girls!! your creations is sweet well done.

PaisleyJade said...

I do love that red dress!!

Tinniegirl said...

That dress is so sweet.

seamsgreat said...

I love the Annie dress. If you watch the movie(the one with Carol Burnett) Annie is wearing bloomers with the red dress in the final scenes. ~janet

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