Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paper Dolls!

In my profile I wrote that I like to draw. I haven't posted much of my drawing because I haven't done much. Several years ago I made paper dolls for our oldest grand daughter. I made the doll look somewhat like her, and some of the clothes are like things she actually had. Some of the dresses are some that I had made for her. I made up some of the outfits. These are copies of what I did for her. I actually cut hers out, laminated them, put magnets on the back, and put them in a notebook using those plastic sleeve pages that have small pockets. I made two versions of Kellen. I'm not sure which one I decided to give her.

That year I displayed them for an auction at a Boys' and Girls' Club dinner. Someone actually ordered a set. There were several bids. The lady who won never did bring me her daughter's picture, though, so I haven't made them for her, yet.

One of the teachers at my school, however, had two little grand daughters, and she ordered a set for each of them. She brought me their pictures and described several of their outfits. I don't remember how many outfits that I drew for each of them. I also don't remember what I charged my friend. She brought me a photo of the girls holding their little notebooks with great big grins on their faces, though. That was payment enough.

Now that Jenna is almost 7 years old, I decided that I had better get busy working on a set for her. Kellen has had hers out playing with them. If you do for one, you must do for them all.

Riley heard me say that I need to get Jenna's made and she said, "Mine, too!" Perhaps for her 4th birthday.

Here's what I have done of Jenna's so far. Not much, but the hardest part; getting it to look as much like her as I can. I think I need to work on the lips and nose some more.

I actually made some paper dolls for the secretaries at my school one year. I put their heads on Barbie Doll like bodies. They loved them. I didn't know that they both collected paper dolls!
I am going to devote some days to cleaning my house, as I have company coming in a few weeks, and I can't stand to wait till the last minute to do things. I already started on my sewing room. I may not be on the computer much over the next few days for that reason.
Oh yeah, the wedding that I am supposed to make a little outfit for a little boy has been canceled. I was looking forward to making this little suit, but I hadn't bought anything yet, and this takes off some of the stress that I've been feeling lately.
Went to the doctor for my foot. I go back in a month. He said when the swelling goes down enough to get my foot into a shoe that I can try a tennis shoe.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

wow Julia, you are a woman of many talents. These are beautiful. What a creative idea.

Sher said...

You are so talented! Great idea to give as gifts :)

Gail said...

I loved paper dolls as a child. We didn't have much money and loved the way I could make my own clothes for the dolls. It's a shame that computer games have overtaken them.

Trudy Callan said...

You can draw very well. I am very impressed. That is so neat that you make your grand daughters paper dolls.

gwensews said...

Julia, a lady with many talents! I'm awestruck! Couture paper dolls--what a great idea. I imagine drawing and coloring are fun. I play with drawing on a croquis, but that's the extent of my art talent!

Cindy said...

Wow! You can draw as good as you can sew. I'm amazed! See how many gifts you've been blessed with. You are a special person!

Cindy said...

Your paper dolls are amazing!!! You have many talents you have been blessed with!!! What lucky people to receive this type of gift from personalized and wonderful!

Cindy said...

Julia...thanks for visiting my blog. I added the followers gadget for you. Thanks for asking.

Nana said...

I have always loved paper dolls, but have never seen handmade. This is great.

Jackie said...

I had many enjoyable hours as a child playing with paper dolls and those vinyl dolls. Yours are wonderful and I'm sure they'll be much enjoyed!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!! I used to just love paper dolls as a child. I loved to dress them in their little clothes. You are multitalented!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Julia these are just awesome!!! Hope all is well with your foot. Doctors can be a real pain.

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