Thursday, August 13, 2009

Embroidery, Tiny Buttons, Sandwich Bags, and Marriage Certificates

I don't think I mentioned the little embroidered flowers and tiny, tiny buttons that I detailed this little dress with in my post-before-last. I loved these little buttons that I found at Walmart. The flowers are very simple and mimic the print in the dress. The bloomers are done, and there's nothing special about them, except that I did use a shell stitch on the hem to copy the scalloped hem on the dress. This was done with the hem stitch on my machine. I tightened the tension on the bobbin and made sure the stitch that goes out went past the edge of the fabric. Simple, but sweet.

Now, with this pile of fabrics, what to do?

I won't be using all of the fabrics in this pile, but I am going to make a bunch of these little sandwich bags. I posted a question about using vinyl for this project a week or so ago. After doing some research, talking to my daughter, reading the comment that I got on my post, I decided to not use any vinyl, just fabric and velcro. These can be tossed in the wash after every use. I'm going to make a whole bunch, at least 5 per grandchild who will be using them. I will probably make some different sizes, as well. One of my other daughter's child isn't in school yet, but does take snacks on car trips, etc.... That daughter suggested making some to carry cereal, etc....

The other day, I was searching my house over for my and my husband's marriage certificate. After being married for going on 37 years and having the same insurance for 31 years my insurance company has decided they need proof that we are married. Anyway, I hunted every where. I knew where it was, right? No, it wasn't there. Okay, so where else might I have put it? I looked there, and, yep, there, too. As a matter of fact, I looked every where that I could possibly think I could have possibly put it. I didn't go to the bank to look in the lock box, but did we put it there? I don't know, but I finally decided to get on line and just order another certified copy. It is going to go in our wedding album when it comes, after we fax a copy to our insurance company. I HATE hunting stuff! I have tried so hard to get things organized so that I know where everything is. I used to teach my students that if they would stay organized they would not waste precious study time, and then they would have more time for tv, video games, football practice, etc.....
However, I did find this precious embroidered wedding piece that someone in my family (???grandmother????aunt??? great aunt???) started and never finished. I may just have to finish this and hope that it comes clean so I can frame it. I love it.

For those of you sweet friends out there who have been asking about my foot, it does seem to be getting better everyday. I have driven some this week. Finally, freedom! I drove a little too far the day before yesterday, though. I took my car in for an oil change and to get new tires, and an alignment. Besides driving a little over 30 minutes each way, I was there for hours! I was really tired when I got home. I would have walked to the mall, Hobby Lobby, or the book store which I could see from the shop window, but not with this foot. The sad thing is that the car is pulling to the right and needs more work done on the alignment. My husband is going to try to get time to take it tomorrow, but if he can't and I have to go, I'm going to ask one of the people who work there to run me over to Hobby Lobby, or maybe the mall, or maybe the book store. I would like to go to all three places.
This background reminds me of the wallpaper that was on my aunt's bedroom walls when I was a little girl. I used to love to spend the night with her. I tried to count the roses on the walls, but I always fell asleep before I could get them all counted. Weird kid, huh?


Rachel said...

Those sandwich bags are adorable!!!

Trudy Callan said...

I love the sandwich bags. Could you tell us the dimensions, maybe a quick little tute? It would be fun to make these for the kids.

gwensews said...

Those sandwich bags will be hits for sure, in this day of the "green friendly" bags.

Oh yes, that embroidered piece wants to be finished. What would you do with it? Frame it?

Glad your foot is doing some better.

i cant sew said...

dont you hate when you put soemthing somewhere for safe keeping and you cant find it. i did something similar with my eldests baptism certificate. we had to show it to the catholic school at enrolment time but of course i couldnt find it and had to pay for anew one. a few weeks later i found it in the most obvious of the gorgeous pewter certificate cases she got for her baptism!!! silly me.
love the tiered dress
%*_*% rosey

Martha said...

I love your precious flowers on the collar. Too cute. And the sandwich bags. CUTE idea! Our annual auction is coming up and that would be a great idea for the auction.

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