Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Pictures! Fixing? the bathroom!

My camera has been acting up for a while now. Sometimes I can get it to work, and then other times I can't at all. So, I don't have any photographs. I probably wouldn't have posted BEFORE pictures anyway. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided that we could put a floor in our basement. We did it, but we swore that we would never, ever, ever,ever, ever do something like that again. He and I are not skillful in this type of work. We painted then, too. I decided that I would never pick up a paint brush for painting walls again.
Anyway, when we put down the floor before we never did get the bathroom done. But, we have company coming next weekend. We've had our girls home with it not done, but this is a cousin, his wife, his daughter, and her little son who we rarely see. They are primarily coming to visit with my mom. My sister will be here, too. So, unless someone sleeps on a sleeper sofa upstairs, we really need to use our downstairs while they are here. My sewing room doubles as a guest room, so that's not a problem. We have a family room down here, too, where my computer is, etc.... But, the bathroom floor was just concrete, with a crack running down the middle of it!!! The toilet has been leaking, too. Now, we never use this bathroom so it hasn't been a top priority, until now. We just turned off the water.
I love having company because it's the best way to get my husband inspired to get things around the house fixed.
We bought a new toilet, that we are actually going to put upstairs. We're going to move one of the upstairs toilets downstairs. We are putting in the toilets tomorrow. Eeeekkkk!
And, we bought this flooring that looked
soooooo easy to install! Ha! Ha! Ha! It comes in sheets of three one foot squares. They glue to each other with a strip along the edge. Sounds simple, huh? It was, except where we had to cut around door facings, the vanity, the toilet, the shower, and into the closet! But, I will say it looks a heck of a lot better now than it did this morning! I just need to buy a couple of small rugs to hide a couple of places that don't look so good.
Needless to say, we WILL NOT undertake a project like this again. Either it won't get done, or we'll be paying someone else to do it for us!!! I think this is the last project like this that needs to be done anyway.
Except, we have been talking about knocking out walls upstairs, adding a sun room and a screened in porch, enlarging our deck, adding rooms downstairs (we have lots of storage area that could be walled in, etc..... But, none of these projects are in our budget right now, and WE WILL NOT do them ourselves if and when these get done!!!!!


Trudy Callan said...

Good luck on getting everything done.

gwensews said...

We used to do a lot of remodeling. And enjoyed it. Not any more. Good luck with your project. I hope it goes well.

Rachel said...

We have been in our house for 10 years and I am really dreading the day we have to do some remodeling. I hope everything goes well!!

Cindy said...

Guest..I know you love having people around you. This will be fun. How is your mom doing?

I can't tell you how many unfinished projects we have around this house. It's never ending.

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