Thursday, August 6, 2009

I can "Put My Whole Self In and Do the Hokey Pokey"

Yes, I know this is a very corny title, but it's what popped into my mind when the doctor said that I can now get my foot wet! I felt like doing the "HOKEY POKEY" right then and there! He took out the stitches. He is an amazing sewist! My 4 1/2 in. and 2 in. scars are not going to show much. He sewed them from the inside. Don't ask me how he did it. I do know that it did not feel good when he pulled them out, but that's ok, they are gone!! Now, I can stop using the Peel 'n Stick. (Yep, this stuff works when you have a body part that can't get wet. I mean, you can't put your foot, or whatever, directly in the water, but it does act as a pretty good shield.) I have been sitting on a stool and hanging my leg over the side of the tub to take a shower. I, now, can "put my whole self in" the tub. I'm still going to use the stool, because without the boot I can't put any weight on my foot. At least the boot is smaller.
As for driving, not yet. He said I could, but that if I had to break quickly I probably wouldn't be able to do it. We saw an accident just before we got to the doctor's office this morning. After seeing that I realized that I just wouldn't be able to slam on the breaks if needed.
The two vehicles were coming in opposite directions and turning into the emergency room parking lot behind the hospital. The lady who got hit was making a right turn into the lot. The man who hit her was crossing traffic and just rammed into her. I hope none of them were hurt. I don't think so. I also hope that neither of them had family members at the ER that they were on their way to check on, etc.....
My husband also saw the doctor for his plantar faceaitis today. He has been suffering with it for months and months. Our doctor today is going to have inserts made for his shoes. This should take care of the problem.
I had a picture of my foot in just the harness, but it looked kind of gross so I took it off. Really it doesn't look as bad in person as it did in the photo. There's still some swelling and bruising, but not much. I just got through "Putting my whole self in" and OH! do I feel better!
Won't I look great in this at the cookout that we are going to Saturday night in honor of our neice who is getting married in a couple of months?


Sher said...

I can imagine how hard it's been trying to not get it wet. But at least you are on the mend. And think on the bright side you won't be wearing that to the wedding right?

gwensews said...

Oh Julia--ouchy! That looks so painful. I have a bunion that I know needs attention, but have been putting it off. Now I know I'll continue down that path.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Julia, I remember when I wore a cast after breaking my foot. I could not get it wet either. But I did not have a seat, so I had to hang my foot over the tub :-( What a glad day it was when the cast came off!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! Sounds difficult dealing with it.

Tanya said...

I love the hokey pokey and the chicken dance we do it every time we go to the skating rink and the next time I do it will be for you! Glad you're feeling better.

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