Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Have a Few Questions

My daughter is wanting me to make some reusable sandwich bags for her daughters to use in their lunch boxes this year. Now, for my questions....... Can you purchase "food safe" vinyl, or is oil cloth safe and the way to go? I have searched a little bit on line and did not feel that my question was answered. Walmart has cute vinyl that is fabric on one side. Is this safe to use? Or would I be better off just making cloth bags with no water proofing?
I thought while I was at it I would look into making insulated lunch boxes. Is that fabric hard to find. Remember that I live in a little bitty town and will probably have to buy online. There is a JoAnns about an hour away, and I've just learned of a store called Mammaw's Thimble that is also about an hour away. I don't know what types of fabrics they have there, though.


BeeBee said...

I don't think this is a good idea, anything with folds and wrinkles will hold places for bacteria. Rubbermaik and Tupperware both make sandwich "boxes" that can washed either in the dishwasher or by hand and dried WELL. Soft plastic will always have folds that will hold water and grow mold and bacteria.
Waxed paper is a good alternative to plastic for a one time use, or foil for multi use. But I wouldn't be part of making a reusable plastic baggie. Aside from the hygene, what's the point? Still using plastic, buy Rubbermaid, already done and safe.

BeeBee said...

ok, that's RubbermaiD, not maik. I need my rolly eye icon.

julia said...

I did think of the bacteria issues with this. If I do this project I will make enough of these that they can be washed after every use.
Smokey does look rather funky as a bride doesn't he?

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