Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dress Up Clothes for the Fashionista!

For Christmas a few years a go I made a set of dress up clothes for our, now, big girls, Kellen and Jenna. That was before Riley was born, but she has gotten to play with them alot. The big girls have added to their collection through dance costumes, Halloween costumes, etc... so when I was thinking of making some just for Riley, her mom said, "No, they have enough." So, now, we have Emory, who will be 2 soon and is the biggest little fashionista I've ever encountered. Her mom asked if I would start her collection of dress up clothes, and here they are......

The pink princess ballerina, princess, whatever she dreams that she is in this "lovely " costume.

Now, for a jazzy little Emory! I kind of cheated on this one. I made this vest for a little boy for a dance costume and it was too small, so Emory gets it. I made the skirt from scraps. Actually, all of the fabrics in all of these outfits are from my stash!

A tuquoise princess ballerina, a grand lady in a long shimmery dress, or a queen with a cape? We'll let Emory decide.

A fashionista on the red carpet. Add the cape and she can be a queen or a super hero or whatever her imagination makes her be at the moment.

Now, for the grand finale, here comes the bride! Emory has just been to Canada to her uncle's wedding, so I hope she enjoys playing the part of bride. What little girl doesn't dream of her wedding day? Yes, I know Emory is a little young to have those dreams, but anyway, she needs a wedding dress, right? I made this so she can wear it, as pictured, up high and tied as a halter, but when she gets older she can wear it as a skirt, and I can make her a top to go with it like I did for the turquoise and the pink. The veil is a "lovely " 80s style! The University of Tennessee's mascot, Smokey, has been called into modeling again. He looks thrilled doesn't he? I can actually see Emory wearing this dress much as Smokey is with a UT shirt, or maybe a NC shirt if her daddy has any influence, but however she wears it she will be adorable.

Go Vols! Football time in Tennessee starts in just a few weeks. Labor Day weekend to be exact.
Going to lunch with a friend who is sweet enough to come pick me up since I still can't drive with this huge boot. I go back to the dr. tomorrow to get my stitches out, and I hope to have a smaller boot and maybe get to drive again!


gwensews said...

What fun she'll have playing dress-up. She must be a "girly girl". Lucky mom and grandma. My little girl was a tomboy, and refused dresses or dree up or dolls. Today, she's still in pants, although when she needs to dress up for a party or for a meeting, she does have beautiful, feminine clothes to wear.

window dressing said...

Emory is a lucky girl. Her dress up clothes are amazing!!!! My favourite is the champagne colored iridescent one with the little blue cape. Love all this fabric. Very fun and playful for a little girl.
Hope everything goes as planned tomorrow and that you will be driving soon!!!

blushing rose said...

They are all wonderful ... you are so creative! I wish my gr-dau would dress up or play feminine ... she got really upset at her birthday because she got 'all girls stuff!!', I quote. I asked her what she would like, 'she said boys stuff'. Of course, with a big brother what else would she want ... chuckle! TTFN ~Marydon

PS Pop over & visit my post today please.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

They are all so lovely!! What fun they are going to have :-)

BeeBee said...

Smokey in drag! What a riot. Actually, he DOES look quit chic.

primsbynancy said...


Rachel said...

I love all of the outfits, particularly the ballerina one. So beautiful!!!

Susan said...

Lucky is the little girl who has a grandma who sews! I'm sure these outfits will give her hours and hours of fun!

Good luck tomorrow at the doctor's office!

Sher said...

what girl doesn't want to play dress up? Cute outfits!

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