Friday, August 7, 2009

Sharing With our Neighbors

This beautiful creature and her family live in the woods behind our house. Late last evening she was visiting and enjoying the fruits of our apple tree. We love having her and her family members over for dinner so we just leave the apples on the ground for them. She just stands and looks at us. She usually has a little one with her. She comes often in the early mornings and in the evenings. Last fall we looked out and saw at least 10 of her family members.

This is another vintage sewing machine of which I have the blessing to possess. It belonged to my husband's other grandmother. This is the grandmother whose house we actually live in, now. This is a Singer.

Look at the clever idea she had for a place to keep her pins nearby and for a place to put them as she took them out when she sewed.
This is the quilting frame that she used all the time. My husband's grandfather hung it from the ceiling in the basement so that it could be raised out of the way, but easily lowered for her use. It's still hanging in our basement, even though I don't quilt. I cannot imagine taking it down. There are so many things in this house that still remind me of Grandma and Grandpa. They were both remarkable people. The message she gave us just a few days before she died will be with me always. The doctors told us that they could do bypass surgery if she wanted it. She was in good enough health at age 92 to undergo this serious procedure in their opinion. However, she said, "Children, (she always called us children) I know you want me to go through this surgery, but I have had a wonderful life, and I'm ready to go. Please don't be sad." My husband was by her side when she died. He said it was as if peace just washed over her face at the moment she went.


gwensews said...

Oh-- that old quilting frame! Be still my heart! And the deer--aren't they beautiful. They are very plentiful where I live also, but alas--they are too often hit by the cars ono the road.

Trudy Callan said...

How nice to see deer from your property.

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