Monday, June 1, 2009

You Can See # 3

You are probably getting tired of these sundresses. I know I am. Even though I like seeing how they look with the different fabrics once they are finished. This is actually number 4 since I made one for Emory first. I have 3 more to go and the the boys' stuff.

Mother did well with her eye appointment. They took their examination chair out so that Mother could stay in her wheelchair. Her chair is shorter and Mother isn't very tall so she couldn't reach the machines to put her chin in the little chin holder thingy and she couldn't press her forehead against the forehead thingy. The doctor took one of her machines off its table and put it on her stool so she could adjust it to a lower height. She was SOOOOO accommodating it was amazing.
My cousin owns a restaurant here in town. I overheard the doctor and her coworkers say that's where they were going for lunch so I called my cousin. He let them eat for free today to thank them for being so kind to Mother. My cousin's mom and dad both died when he was young. (Three when his dad died and 12 when his mom died. ) My mother moved in their house and took care of him and his older brother who was 16 at the time. My cousin who has the restaurant helps take care of Mother almost as much as I do.
I've probably blogged about some of this before. If I have just skip this. Anyway, there were 8 of us cousins in all. We were raised next door to each other. We lived with my mom. grandparents and another aunt. It was like there were 8 siblings. We were watched over by all the adults. Obviously, we couldn't get away with any mischief without being caught. It was a great way to grow up, though. One of these days I plan to write short stories or childrens' books about some of the experiences we had. I used to tell some of the stories to my sixth graders and they loved them.
* There's the one about the train full of watermelons that wrecked in our back yard.
*There's the one about the guy who ran through our yard where we were playing. A little bit later he ran back through right through our game of kickball, or whatever game we were playing at the time. Later, we found out that he had slit the throat of an old man who lived in a house on the street behind our houses.
* Then there's the story about my brother chasing me through the sanctuary at our church (yes, we knew better, shame on us!). After I went out through the swinging doors that had glass in the whole top half, my brother's arm went through the glass and cut his main artery and nerves in his wrist. This was a real saga.
* On the other side of my cousins' house was a funeral home. We played there often, especially outside. The men who ran it played with us. They were really just big little boys. One day we were playing hide and seek inside the funeral home and one of my cousins hid in a coffin. We weren't allowed to play hide and seek in there again. I could go on and on, but I won't.

FIL's surgery is early in the morning. We are leaving to take him to the hospital at 5 am. I guess I'd better get to bed soon.


window dressing said...

You tugged at my heartstrings today. It is no surprise that you are such a wonderful person because you were raised by an exceptional woman. I am sure that you are so proud of your mom. There are not too many women around these days which would do what she did, raising your cousins. The way you describe the stories left me wanting to hear more.

Meg said...

What a lovely kind family you have Julia! You always have the most amazing stories. It really sounds like you had a lovely childhood... You should definitely write all those stories down, even if it's just for your grandkids... I know they will appreciate it! I still laugh when I think back at stories my grandmother told me about her childhood. And I often worry about how many I've forgotten and won't be able to pass on.
Anyway, that dress is so adorable... and honestly who could get tired of sundresses?

Tanya said...

Great stories, yes you should write a book. I think it's sad that most families aren't that close anymore, my family is in CA and TX and here I sit in OH.

gwensews said...

Love your stories! Yes, you should write them down, at least in a journal. You have such good memories.

Cute dress! I love the colors in this one. So sweet.

BTW--you commented on my hair. It's naturally curly, unruly, and colored by Clairol!

Rachel said...

I am not getting tired of those sundresses. They are so cute and I love to see the fabrics you choose.

Susan said...

I think this latest version is sooo cute. Absolutely beautiful.

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