Sunday, May 31, 2009

# Two's done, too!

Well, I've gotten number 2 sundress done. This one is for a five year old, so instead of a bonnet, I made a grown up hat. I made a flower for the hat from one of the fabrics. These fabrics are seersucker, which I love for summer time. I have the dress pinned out to the sides so you can get a peek at the bloomers. It looks kind of wanky pinned up like this, but truly is does hang correctly when let down. AND..........

.....look what my friend gave me! She changed the bedding in her bedroom, so she gave me the dust ruffle and pillow shams that are cream colored eyelet!!! I love eyelet, and with 4 grand daughters it will be put to good use. I have several ideas bouncing around like a super ball from wall to wall in my empty chamber of a brain. This gifter is one of my teacher friends who I blogged about a few weeks ago; she's one of the ladies who was so special to my daughter. Thanks, friend!

I won't get to sew much for the next three days.
* Tonight is a special program at my church. Several churches in the area get together on 5th Sunday nights for a covered dish supper and worship. Tonight's worship is being led by children and youth, so my puppet group is doing a program of Music Machine music. This is the program that I needed the snails for.
*Tomorrow my mom has an eye appointment. I have had so much trouble getting this worked out. First of all, there is an optomotrist in town who is supposed to come to the nursing home, but when I called, he told his receptionist to tell me that he doesn't "do that anymore." But, he also can't examine her in his office because he won't examine her in her wheelchair. I told his receptionist that would be ok if they had 2 strong men who could lift her into the examining chair. Of course, they don't. I wasn't REAL NICE when I was talking to her. I let her know that I didn't in any way blame her, but that she should tell him "Shame on you!" How easy for him to drive 3 minutes from his office to the nursing home, but he won't. Anyway, I asked my eye doctor if she could see her, AND, you know what? She's going to have her examining chair taken out so she can examine Mother in her wheelchair. She's an angel. I really like her as my doctor, too. She's the one who discovered my Glaucoma and sent me to a specialist. There is a handicap van service that takes wheelchair bound patients to doctors' appointments here, so that worked out, thank God!
Tuesday, is my FIL's knee replacement surgery.
Actually, Thursday, I have a dr's appointment for my foot, which I'm going to have surgery on sometime this summer. More on that later.
I will have to sew in short increments of time, which I don't like to do. I like to sit down and not get up till I'm finished. That's ok, I'll get it all done.


knitmachinequeen said...

Julia you do beautiful. Maybe the 3 day hiatus from sewing will kick you into overdrive and you'll pull a couple of sewing all-nighters!

window dressing said...

Very cute outfit. The bloomers give it the added perfect touch.Of course the hat does also but I think the bloomers are so adorable.
I know what you mean about some doctors. Awhile back I took my mother to the eye doctor for a check up. He put drops in her eyes and told her not to blink so he could check them out and my mother feeling nervous and having something thrust in her eye did the obvious. She blinked. Well, you can imagine his attitude. He raised his voice and was downright mean. Needless to say we dropped him as a doctor. I am glad to hear though that there are still some wonderful doctors that do their utmost to treat their patients. She sounds like a keeper.

Martha said...

How cute it that. It just screams summer with the seersucker. Love it!

Faye Lewis said...

OK did I already say that now you've got me wanting to make ruffles?

Trudy Callan said...

I'm so glad that everything worked out for your mom in the end.

gwensews said...

Cutie dresses! Sorry you ran into a difficult doctor. I like doctors who still put the patients needs first and will go out of their way once in a while. Our family Dr. still makes house calls to his house-bound patients. He's a gem!

Chicago Sarah said...

I'm glad you were able to find your mom a spot at your doctor's office! Hang in there over the next few days- just because you seem to always do it all doesn't mean you _have_ to! :)

Gail said...

Julia, beatiful dress. There are two types of doctors - good ones and bad ones. I hope that everything works out for your mum.

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