Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Trunk Full of Puppets

These are two puppets that my puppet team at church needs for an upcoming performance.  The song they sing is called "Have Patience."  It is a really funny, but teaching, song.  The snails have extremely DEEP voices.  The striped one is the Daddy Snail and is a lot larger than the brown one.  It's hard to tell that in these pictures.  The striped one is made from an old turtle neck of mine that I haven't worn in years.  The brown is made from two pair of socks that I also never wear.  Is this refashioning?  I guess it's more reCYCLING.  The eyes are made from ping pong balls cut in half and colored with a permanent marker.

These two puppets were used years ago at my old church  for a skit about Noah.  The whale looks much better in person.  
The cow and pig were also from years ago and for a skit about "The Little Red Hen."  I can't remember the actual hen puppet.  The cow is fake fur and the pig is felt.  They have been in a trunk for years.  I just let them out yesterday.
The dog and cat were also part of "The Little Red Hen."  The dog has lost one eye.  Poor thing.  He is made from an old chenille bedspread, and the cat is felt.  Please don't judge these puppets too critically, as I didn't have patterns for them, just my imagination, the materials at hand and my limited skills and time.  Please keep in mind that these are in no way supposed to be realistic, more cartoony was my goal.
The favorite puppets I ever made were a pair of camels.  They are near life size.  Two people actually stand under the body to make the humps and the front person controls the head.  I made the heads from towels.  I will try to get those for a post soon.  I think they are at my church.  We used one of them for our Christmas play last year.  They were originally made to act out the song, "Humphrey the Camel."  Have you ever heard of that song?  Probably not.  

I've been busy working on my project list.  I got to mark off the baby slings and Mother's new wrap and the snail puppets.  I also got the doll clothes cut out, to be made tomorrow.  I'll post about these soon.

I have been commissioned to make not only the 5 sundresses and bonnets, but also another bonnet and 3 boys outfits of shorts and shirts.  Aaaaccccckkkkk!  Can I get them done?  Of course I can.  Sure I can.  I know I can.  I keep telling myself I can.  I just have to get my project list finished. 
 One of the ladies I'm sewing for told me yesterday that she doesn't need hers until June 5th!  Whew!!!  She is one of the ones who wants 2 sundresses and now outfits for her three grandsons.  She first said she wanted the dresses by May 16th.  That wouldn't have been a problem except when she added the boys outfits to the order --- I almost panicked!  


gwensews said...

The puppets are a riot! You have quite an imagination. Golf balls for eyes--who woulda' thought?

It sounds like your business is off and running! Your retirement is going to be very busy! Wishing you lots of good luck.

Faye Lewis said...

Girl you are SOME talented!

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

I love that squeezy pig.

Wish you sewy nights and a bag- of-"patience"-and-power.

Thanks a lot for your soft words in my blog.

Trudy Callan said...

I love your blog. You make the cutest and prettiest little things.

window dressing said...

Amazing! I so love the snails (I can't believe that's from clothing) and the puppy dog (the one eye gives him character). All the animals are too cute for words. I think that I will start looking at clothing differently now. Especially if I want to throw something out. I will think of you and see how I could change it around and make it into something else.

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