Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kellen, close your eyes!

This is what I've made for our almost 9 year old grand daughter. The new background is in Kellen's honor.  She loves horses!  I used Simplicity pattern 5540.  She can wear it simply as a dress if she buttons it all the way down.  Or, if she wants to wear it with the shorts or capris she can leave it unbuttoned from the waist down. I have another top that coordinates cut out, but not made, yet.

I first bought this polka dot fabric. I love the different colors and sizes of the randomly spaced polka dots.  Then I found the flower print, and when I got home I saw that it had the same colors.  So, then I found the plaid print, yes, it is a printed plaid.  Of course, it isn't printed on grain so I had some problems.  And, yes, of course, I decided to use it as the straight edge trim. How smart was that when it is a printed-off-grain plaid.  I worked it and worked it until I got it as straight as possible. 
 One thing those of you really observant folks will notice is that the buttons are on the wrong side for a girl's garment.  I did that because the plaid trim on right side was so much straighter than it was on the button hole side.  I don't think that will matter very much, and most likely won't be noticed by most people.  
I used different colored buttons, as you can see.  I thought that made it more playful.  I'm going to change out those purple buttons on the straps, though.  I think yellow would look better.  The purple ones are too dark.  
The only variances from the pattern are the shoulder straps were supposed to be sewn into the front bodice, but I wanted to be able to adjust them if need be.  I also added the rick rack around the waist and hem line.  I love rick rack!

By the way, I got another order for one of the sundress and bonnet outfits.  The grandmother who had me make the coordinating outfits for that I posted about a couple of posts ago, wants one for her grand daughter.  She also wants a bonnet to match the dress I made already.  I know I said that I don't want to make a bunch of the same thing over and over, but since the fabrics will be different in each one, maybe this won't be so bad.  That will be 6 in all, though.  I'm not showing it to anyone else. LOL!


window dressing said...

The outfit is so cool! I thought it was only a dress until I saw the other picture. Really cool! Even if you don't show the other sundress/bonnet combos to anyone else some of your current customers are bound to sing your praises. Way to go.

Shannon said...

I love this- It's so cute and playful! I think the plaid looks just fine and it's so cute used with the prints. I have this pattern in my stash and I have never gotten around to making it. I better do it quick before my daughter outgrows it- she's an 8 now!

Rachel said...

That outfit is gorgeous!!! You have a true talent in choosing coordinating fabrics. I also love your horse background.

Jazzy Jemz said...

Every time I come to this blog I am amazed at your creations. I bow down to a more fabulous sewer.

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Wow, your details make me crazy ***wish I've endless time***.

Julia sorry, but this blog layout hurts my eyes - I have to mark the text in order to read.

Anonymous said...

so cute! isn't it so fun to sew for your grandaughters? I have three with maybe another in Dec. We don't know if if it is a girl or boy yet. Love your sense of style. I'll keep in touch.

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