Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award!!

[BloggerBuddyAward-1.jpg]Jazzy Jems just honored me with this award. I love the blogger buddy idea. Jazzy Jems and I have been checking out each others' blogs. She is one talented mom. She has all kinds of creative ideas. One of my favorites is the nursing blanket that affords privacy to a mom when her baby needs to nurse in a public place. Check out her blog if you haven't already. She's part of the ArtFire Cafemom group.

Now, to pass this award on, I am going to choose some folks who I really feel like I have formed a bond with through this blog.
  • Cindy who is being very encouraging to me as I set out on a venture to teach sewing and try to sew for $$$. She's been very successful herself and is a real inspiration.
  • Gwen who always has such nice things to say about my children's clothing. She makes incredible garments, or should I say works of wearable art, herself!!
  • Faye who lives in Georgia, about 2 hours south of Atlanta. I live about 2 1/2 hours north of Atlanta. We are going to try to meet each other sometime.
  • Angelia whose sewing blog was the first I ever read and who inspired me to start my own. We are also both native Tennesseans.
  • Rachel who also is so encouraging with her comments. I love to see that I have a comment from her, because I always know it will make me feel good.
  • My friend at Window Dressing who is another very encouraging person. Do you know that she knows how to make tatting?! I am so envious!
  • Sharon who makes incredible little girl dresses. I love to see what she's made.
  • Mary who makes all kinds of stuff. She's even upholstering boat seats. I feel for her because her daughter is getting ready to move FAR away and I know how that feels. At least mine aren't out of the country.
  • Meg who is inspirational when it comes to refashioning clothing from pillowcases, etc... She is also living far from home. I identify with her mom.
  • Knit Machine Queen has been a real inspiration to me. She has gone on with her life and her sewing right through her illness almost as if it were nothing more than a bad cold or something.
There are many others out there who deserve this award so pass it on. "Pay it Forward" as the movie taught us.
  1. Be sure to copy the blogger buddy award logo and put it on your blog.
  2. Then link to several or more of your blogger buddies and post their info on your post.
  3. Then, visit their sites and let them know that they have been awarded.


gwensews said...

Thank you so much Julia. I love the sewing blog community. I learn something every day. You are such an inspiration.

window dressing said...

Thank you Julia you are very sweet. Btw, my name is Catherine (its my first blog and I was hesitant to submit my name). I think I am more partial to "friend" though. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from you and all the other ladies who blog. Its very nice to have friends all over the globe.

Cindy said...

Come here you and let me give you a big old hug!!!

Thank you :)

I do enjoy "the blogs".

Sewfast said...

Thank you sew much for the kind words...I love my bloggy friends!!!

Meg said...

Thanks Julia!! You are so sweet! I've met so many lovely people through blogging, and you are one of them!!

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