Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whew! Three more projects marked off!

I've been busy.  This is another wrap from fleece that I made for my mom.  I gave it to her for Mother's Day.  She seemed very happy.  She liked the color and the edging.  I simply used a blind hem stitch on my machine, making sure that the stitch that goes out went off the edge.  I tightened the tension so that it would make a more pronounced shell stitch, or as some call it, a picot stitch.

Again I made the back short since she is always in a wheel chair or bed, and it's hard to put something down behind her back and the chair.
I had a pretty polka dot ribbon that I sewed around the neck and left long enough to tie a bow.
Next I made three baby slings. For some reason this link didn't work.  Go to Maya Baby Slings.  There are different sites.  To see the finished product go to their regular page.  To see how to make them go to the Patterns for Maya Slings.  I have made these for two of my daughters, and they love them.  I knew that I was saving the cardboard from rick rack and binding packs for something.  Now I know that I was saving them to use as spacers for these slings.  The directions say to pleat in 4 - 6 inch pleats.  These cardboard pieces are 5 inches.  So, they are perfect.  When I've made these before the hardest part was getting the pleats even for the whole length of the sling.  I know the pattern directions say that you don't have to make the pleats the whole length, but I find that it makes it easier to fold to wrap for a gift and that the presentation is just better  this way.  I bought these rings at slingrings.com.  I couldn't find them in any store.  They come in different colors and sizes.
Last, but not least I have made doll dresses to "sort of" match the big  girls' sister  Easter dresses.  Since they are doll dresses I didn't put quite the effort into them that I do when I am sewing for a real child.  They have American Girl dolls.  
Now, I'm working on twirly skirts for the three big girls.


Tanya said...

What a good idea, using the cardboard for spacers. Love the doll dresses and I'm sure your grands will too.

Cindy said...

You just taught me something. I would have never thought to do the blind hem stitch to do an edge like that...very cute! I'm going to try it.
You must sew real fast on your machine. I can't believe you produced all these projects in a few days. I'm impressed. I need you to take a vacation to Florida so you can teach me a few things. :)

gwensews said...

I agree with Cindy. I need you to teach me how to be more productive! Nice work. Love the shell edging on the wrap. Cute doll dresses. I would think there would be a market for doll clothes also.

Trudy Callan said...

I love everything.


knitmachinequeen said...

Julia you are a sewing machine!

Rachel said...

You amaze me at how quickly you sew. Those doll dresses are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog


Jazzy Jemz said...

Wow! You are awesome at your craft! I must say I am always thrilled to see what you have made. You should start doing online tutorials so we can all learn!

Faye Lewis said...

Girl, you are just super busy. Dare I say "you are enjoying your retirement"!

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