Monday, June 22, 2009

Towel Shorts and 2 of the 4th outfits

Towel Shorts!! Our two oldest grand daughters swim on a swim team. Jenna swam last year, and was the youngest on the team at only 5 years old. Kellen decided she wanted to swim this year, too. So, at only 6 and 9 years old, they are on the team. Go Gators!! You have no idea how hard it was to type that! Being a huge University of Tennessee fan one of our biggest rivalries is the Florida Gators (no offense intended toward my Florida friends, that's just how it is in the SEC!)

But, the grands' team is called the Gators, so again I say, "Go Gators!"
It seems that most of the other swimmers are wearing these towel shorts this year in the team colors, green and white. So, rather than pay $25+ for a pair my daughter asked me to make some for her
girls. I was able to get all three (of course, Riley needs some, too!) pair from just two towels. I taped the front and back of the pattern pieces together and cut one whole side at a time. I was able to get Kellen's and Jenna's from the ends of the towels and Riley's from one of the sides. There's actually enough left to make one more small pair. Emory may just have to have some, too. These have a draw string waist. These took almost no time at all. My cat, Vanilla, is checking them out. I don't think she was very appreciative since they didn't smell like fish, chicken, or turkey. These are packed and ready to go in the mail since the first swim meet is soon.

Here are Riley and Emory's 4th of july summer sunsuits. For Emory's I made bloomers because she isn't quite 2 yet, and bloomers are sooooo cute! Riley is 3 1/2, and, "Bloomers are panties, and your panties aren't supposed to show." So, Riley is getting shorts with ruffles (Yes, Faye, real ruffles!) around the bottom.
For Emory's I started with right sides together and sewed in piping with a cording foot, then turned it right side out. For
Riley's I started with wrong sides together and edged them with single fold bias binding. For Emory's I did use the binding on the neck edges. The ties are also binding sewn shut. For the butterfly shoulders and pockets I used the piping on Emory's and binding on Riley's.
Emory's is reversible with the blue Mary Englebreight fabric and red and white star fabric. Rileys' is reversible with both red and blue Mary Englebreight fabric. I love this fabric.

My mom is adjusting to being back at the nursing home. My ILs are alone during the day this week. One SIL is coming at night, then going to work and back here at night. My DH made sure they had lunch today, and has taken them for therapy now. I was prepared to do this myself, but my DH got through work in time to go himself. I'll go help Mother eat dinner, and then we'll make sure that the ILs have dinner, as well.


gwensews said...

I would never in my wildest dreams thought of shorts made from towells. Although, I did make myself a sweat suit out of terry yardage. Those shorts will be so comfortable, and you will be a hit with the grands for making them really "cool" shorts!

I love those little sunsuits. I mean--how cute is that?

You have quite a lot on your plate right now. Take a little time for yourself when you can.

Gail said...

Hey Julia these are totally adorable, but like Gwen says you promised to take time for yourself. We mean deserve it.

Julia said...

Sewing is what I do to go into a zone and not think about everything else. Especially when that sewing is for my grands. I really appreciate you concern.

Cindy said...

GO GATORS!! and not the blue and orange. We are UM fans. My nephew was a Gator. We always like giving him a hard time..but..they have a good team now. When we lived it Nashville for a couple of years it was crazy how many people drove so far for the UT games. You would see the line of cars driving west on I40.
I'm over football - give me hockey any day!
The shorts are really cute. I know the girls are going to love wearing them. Made with love. good to yourself. I know sewing is your down time but you are always on the run lately. Glad your mother is doing better. Hope you had a wonderful dinner with her. How far away is she from you. You make many trips there.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh my, how adorable, your work is great

Christy Sews said...

Those outfits are so sweet. I just love little girl's clothing and your color combinations are, as always, fabulous

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