Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Cleaning Bug Has Bitten

I am almost finished with my imminent sewing projects. Of course, new ones pop up all the time. But, I could stop now and take a break and be ok. I've cut out towel shorts, a couple of night gowns for Emory because she likes to sleep in dresses and has a bday coming up in the near future. She's also getting another special dress that I'm not blogging about before she gets it. One DD asked if I might make a changing pad to have here at the house for changing the babies' diapers. We usually just lay them on a bed with a towel or something under them. I may get that done before they all come to visit later on in the summer, but I may not.
In the mean time, the bug has bitten. I have been cleaning out and straightening up, throwing away, giving away (this got me in trouble - read my last post! LOL!), moving around, reworking, etc.......
  • First, I cleaned and organized in my laundry/utility room. I'm almost embarrassed to post this photo because it still looks pretty messy. Our cat's litter box and food center are in this room too. I didn't take a photo from that view, but believe me, it's better. Her litter box is on the other side of the dryer so you can't see it until you get all the way in the room. You also can't smell it unless we forget to put the Arm & Hammer litter mixed in with the regular, cheaper stuff. As far as her food goes, she is one weird cat! We have to put her water in a bowl inside a huge plastic container with high sides because she plays with her water. I used to keep it just on a rug, and it was always soaked. Now, she just gets her feet wet and tracks up the house. What's one to do? The shelf with the paper towels is where all of her food, etc... lives now. You can see my art supplies, wrapping supplies, picnic stuff, a plastic bag of rags (my mother used to give a box of rags to new brides, embarrassing! but practical I guess!), and other various and sundry things on those shelves. I was standing in front of my washer and dryer to take this photo so you can't see them. Of course there's the mop, broom, swiffer corner.
  • Second, I cleaned out my small pantry. I took EVERYTHING out and threw away the out-of-date stuff. Embarrassing that I had so much! Then I checked against the list of Emory friendly foods and found that I only had 3 things in my whole pantry that she could have. I went shopping today and got some crackers and cereal that she can have. Otherwise, she would only get to have raisins, peanut butter, and cake when she comes. I'll wait until just before they come to buy fruit, etc... that she can have. It's a while yet. I put all of her things on the bottom shelf which I don't think I got in this photo. It's nice to be able to see all of the things we have. It's awful to not even know what's in the pantry so when you go to the store you buy duplicates of things you already have.

  • Then, I sorted through all of the kids' toys that we have at our house. The big girls made this "castle" a couple of visits ago, and I am keeping it for them. They really have had fun playing in it and adding to it each time. They cut out new windows and add drawings to the walls each time. I moved it into the new play area that I have fixed for them in the basement. That way the big kids can go down stairs to play and make a mess while the little ones who still take naps can be upstairs where it is quieter.

The big kids' area has a shelf with toys, games, art supplies, etc... that they can play with at will. I actually have already added to the art stuff since I took this photo. That doll house is one their GD, my DH, bought at an auction for them.

Next, is the dress-up area. They love, love, love to dress up in their aunts' and mom's old clothes along with stuff that I've added. There are old dance costumes, leotards, feather boas, etc.... Behind this are a couple of bins with shoes, purses, hats, and jewelry with which to beautify themselves while they are here. The poles are hung with ribbon from my DH's grandmother's quilting frame. My GFIL made it for her and it is attached to the ceiling. It can be let down or kept up next to the ceiling so it can be out of the way when not in use. I don't quilt, but I couldn't dare take it down when we moved here. It is part of the spirit of this house! The orange rocker was my mom's when she was very little; like, before she was 2 years old. Of course, it wasn't always orange. She let me paint it when I was in high school and redid my room in yellow, orange, and green. That was in the 60s.

This is the drawer upstairs in our tv cabinet that houses some of the little kids' toys. They have more in a closet, but I didn't get those photographed.

This photograph has nothing to do with the rest of this post. These plates were given to me by the family of one of my grandmother's best friends when she died. This lady's daughter and my mom were great friends and so were her grand daughter and I. It was such an honor when they wanted me to have these plates. I loved them so much that I decorated my whole kitchen with them as my inspiration. I painted this border all around my kitchen. Most people probably don't have green and purple kitchens! My cabinets are kind of a taupey color and my appliances and counter tops are white ceramic tile.


Rachel said...

WOW!!! I wish I could get some of your energy. My cat litter box is in my laundry room, too, and I swear the health department would condemn it if they walked in right now.

gwensews said...

Sometimes, ya' just gotta' clean, like it, or not. Your house is "kid happy", I see. Mine too. We have toy boxes, toddler beds, cribs, walkers--you name it.

My MIL had a heart attack Friday, so we've been busy running to the hospital, 60 miles away, back and forth all weekend. Needless to say, I haven't done much sewing, or cleaning. When it rains, it pours, is true!

Christy Sews said...

Here I am reading blogs with a pile of "stuff" in the middle of the floor and you are working like crazy. That's it, I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone for one hour tonight. Then it's just two more days of this and sewcation!!

Amy said...

You know, every once in a while the cleaning bug bites me and I just sit real still until the urge quits itching.

Trudy Callan said...

Send that bug my way. I need to get away from the sewing machine and have a big cleaning session.

Emily and her brother made some really cute elf slippers if you would like to take a look. Tomorrow she'll be posting pictures of a frog pincushion that she made.



Cindy said...

That bugs always around me. I'm a clean freak. Everything has a place and everything's in it's place. I've learned I have a problem and can't get upset when things aren't clean. I'm the one like this not the rest of the family. So when they make a mess I can't get upset.... I'm learning...and I don't vacuum everyday any more.
Your place looks great! Now go rest! :)

PaisleyJade said...

Well done! I've done a little bit of cleaning out lately, but still have my ever growing pile of 'to do' sewing!

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