Saturday, June 20, 2009

Therapeutic Sewing

I have done a little sewing this week while my mom has been in the hospital. During the times that my brother stayed with her, I came home, and since I can't nap during the daytime no matter how hard I try, I did a little therapeutic sewing. I only did some simple, but fun things. For one, I made this apron for my friend. This was on that list that I posted about, oh so long ago. I think this was the last thing on that original list that I hadn't done. Anyway, last week, I went to an antique store and found this pillowcase to make this apron. I sewed binding along the sides using a feather stitch. Then I pleated it at the top, cut out a scoop for the neckline, and sewed a wide binding across it. I unfolded the binding and clean finished the edges for the tie around the neck. I pressed the tucks all the way down fanning them out slightly. Then I unfolded some more of the binding. I sewed it to the pillowcase at waist level. Again, I unfolded and clean finished the binding for the tie.

Below is a close up of the embroidery and the hand made lace that was on the pillowcase when I bought it.

This is for my friend who has been my friend since we were in 7th grade. Mary and I learned to put on make up together, after a very embarrassing letter to Dear Abby was found in the library where she and I composed it. We were writing to complain that our parents wouldn't let us wear makeup. Anyway, we signed it with just our initials, but we went to a small high school, and everyone knew we were friends so it wasn't hard to figure out who had written this letter. I'm blushing still!
This is the friend whose nose I broke playing basketball. We played before girls played full court, by the way. Anyway, I was a guard, and she was a forward. She was going up for a layup, and I didn't let her get it. Lol. I'm not sure she thought it was funny. Well, at the time I didn't either. I guess I still don't.
There are many stories I could tell, but I won't tell them all here. Let's just say that this is one of the dear friends who is still my dear friend after all these years.

I've done a little tiny bit of other sewing which I will blog about another day.


Cindy said...

Glad she is back home. Life will get better for you and I would say have time to sew but you always find time :)
The best thing about your stories is you remember them. I live so much in the moment I tend to not remember the past as well as you.
So when are you writing that book?

gwensews said...

Sewing is good for the soul isn't it? I pieced a quilt when my father was very ill--3 months. When he died, I threw it in the trash! But, it helped me work through the pain during that time.

You and your friend are so fortunate to still be close after all this time. Loved your make up story! She will cherish that apron.

BConky said...

Nothing like getting in the sewing room to calm the soul. Lovely apron, I'm sure you're friend will cherish it.

window dressing said...

You're right, sewing is the best therapy. Mary is lucky..... the apron is stunning. I know it came with the embroidery and crochet lace but what is special is that it could be reinvented into an apron for a special friend. Your stories are wonderful!

Faye Lewis said...

That is a beautiful apron. Again, you do such nice work/

Sharon said...

Beautiful - the gift and the stories. Our childhood girlfriends really are treasures aren't they?

Brenda said...

What a beautiful story and apron. So happy to hear that your mother is doing better. I am rediscovering how therapeutic sewing is.

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