Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving Day!

No, I'm not moving, but Mother did. She moved to a new room on a different hall. She was waaaayyyy at the end of a loooonnnnggg hallway. Now, she's about halfway down a not-so-long hallway.
  1. She was feeling neglected being in the last room of the old hall. The CNAs would start at the other end and work their way down, so that Mother was always the last one they got to when it was dinner time, activity time, or whatever. Or at least she thought she was. I'm not sure.
  2. Also, the CNAs on her new hall have been there longer and have more experience, and since the hall isn't so long they have fewer residents to care for per CNA.
  3. She's much closer to the nurses' desk and the front door.
  4. She's also much closer to an outside door that we can use when we go visit.
  • When my sciatica is acting up and my bunioned foot decides to throb, it isn't fun walking that LOOOONNNNNGGG hall. This will be much better. I'm also having surgery on my foot in a few weeks and will have a boot up to my knee. This will be much easier!
  • Also, my sister, who has breathing problems was rarely able to walk all the way down to Mother's other room. The CNAs would bring Mother up front to meet her. She'll be able to manage this walk, though.
All of her stuff is moved to the new room. I didn't get the pictures or the bulletin board with photos on the wall, but I'll get to that tomorrow. I brought some stuff home that she didn't need. She was excited to be moving. It was rough on her, though. She was tired.
She was tired partly because they started physical therapy with her again since she was in the hospital. She reentered the nursing home as a skilled patient which means medicare will pay for her to have pt for 100 days. She really needs it. She just sits in her reclining wheel chair or lays in her bed all day. This will be good for her. She wasn't too thrilled.

Supper is almost finished. We're taking it over to the ILs next door tonight. I don't do much cooking so this was a pleasant change for me.
Sewing will get done tomorrow, I hope.


Susan said...

Glad the move is a positive one!

Trudy Callan said...

Sounds like everyone will be happier with the new room.

I just made Emily some sundresses if you want to take a look.


gwensews said...

This sounds like a better arrangement for your mother as well as visitors. Yes, pt will be good for her. Hope all goes well. My BIL has been in a nursing homne for a year or so. He died this morning, so husband and I have been in town trying to help with arrangements. The worst part was telling the mother, who is 96 years old. This is the 3rd child she's burried.

djStoreRoom said...

Hi Julia, I like your mother's attitude!! Sometimes, when we just need a bit more attention from our care givers, we need to voice out... No more keeping quiet when we are being neglected!!

BConky said...

Hope your mother enjoys her new room. Sounds like a much better situation for the whole family.

Meg said...

Great news! Sounds like your mom has a much better situation now!!

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