Monday, June 15, 2009

Delivered and Paid!!

No pictures tonight! I delivered all of the sundresses, bonnets, shorts, shirts, and the romper to all of my clients today! They were all very happy!! I got to see the one I made for my school friend's niece on the little doll!! It was a perfect fit and the colors were great on her. Her's was the last one I made. Best of all is that everyone has already paid me!!!! Yea!!! My friend from school actually paid me extra!
I stopped and bought fabric for my grands today. I took the afternoon off and sat in front of the tv for about 2 hours. What did I watch? I couldn't tell you, because I dozed more than I watched.
My mom is better today. Thank goodness. They didn't get her started on an antibiotic till last night. I was a little upset with them, but they finally did get things taken care of and she's ok.
My brother is coming to visit her tomorrow so I may stay home all day and sew for my little ones. I am making such simple little outfits that I should finish in no more than 2 days.
ZZZ....zzzzz.....zzzzz............ I'm tired and going to bed early tonight..............zzzzzz...zz...z.


Myra said...

Hooray for the outfits being done & gone!

Trudy Callan said...

Of course they were happy. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Happy sewing for the grands.

gwensews said...

Payday! Good for you Julia! Glad to hear your mother is better. Dealing with those issues of old age are difficult.

Gail said...

Does this mean that you have time to make something for yourself? You deserve it!

Meg said...

Well done! I think you probably need a break now!

window dressing said...

You worked so very hard that this is a well deserved break for you.

djStoreRoom said...

Congrats on receiving all the payments... it feels great isnt it? Getting all the orders out and receiving the payments promptly.. Happy sewing for your grand children!! Rest well!!

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