Friday, June 12, 2009

Double Whew!

Two more sundresses and bonnets done. The mostly orange one is a size 2. The other is a size 1. I think I'll shorten the bottom tier of the yellow one just a little. Since there are bloomers it won't matter if it's a little short. I was planning to post about the process of making these dresses and bonnets, but either my computer, the internet, or blogger is acting up. It took forever to get these photos to post. I will try again when I get the last one done. I have it started. These two are for my friend who works at the nursing home for her grand daughters. The others with the boys' outfits are for another lady who works there, but I don't really know her.
I'm so glad to have these done. They both want them on Monday or Tuesday. The last one I'm making doesn't have a deadline, but I'm going to get it done tomorrow. At least that's my plan.

This is what I see out of the window when I'm at my sewing machine. They don't look quite as bright orange through the window as they really are. I also have a peony outside my window that bloomed earlier in the spring. I should have posted photos of it. Maybe I will remember to do that next spring.

My FIL used to have cattle in this field to the side of our house. Since he doesn't have them anymore, he rents the field to a dairy farmer for the hay. We were beginning to think he wasn't going to ever be able to mow and bale the hay because of all the rain, but he got it done this week between rainy days. We had a couple of sunny ones. It rained right after he got this done, though. Lucky. I love looking out on the field of round bales. I used to like looking at the Black Angus cattle, too. They were so pretty --------- from a distance. I have a real fear of cows, dating back to when I was about 7, 8, 9, & 10ish. I had a reoccurring nightmare about them. I'll relate that story sometime, or I may keep it for my books that I'm going to write. Hum.... now, when is it I was going to write those books. Oh yeah, when I get everything else done. My DH is really on me to get started. He thinks I can be successful.

Tonight we were at my ILs when my mother called. I didn't go help her with her dinner tonight because my DH borrowed my car to go show a house. His SUV is giving him problems. Anyway, she called to ask me if Cissy had broken her hip. Well, Cissy was my mother's sister who died many years ago. She said that the nurses told her she must have been dreaming, but she wasn't so sure. Now, my mom does not have dementia of any kind. When she gets like this it means she has a UTI, more than likely. So my DH and I went to the nursing home to check on her. She realized, sort of, kind of, that she had been dreaming, but she told me that one of the nurses had taken her to a restaurant for dinner, and that one of the CNAs had told her about Cissy then. When I told her that this particular nurse wasn't working this week, and that she had eaten her dinner in the dining room there at the nursing home, she knew I was right, but she wasn't 100% sure. Anyway, I told them to check her for a UTI and to please start her on an antibiotic right away. They will. They are really good about this sort of thing. They believe that the families usually know what's going on with their moms and dads more so than they do, most of the time.
Another note about Mother's stuff. Her bill for her medicines tripled last month from what it had been. This month was quadruple what it had been before. So, I called the doctor, who didn't know why. Then, I called the pharmacist, who told me to call her insurance. Well, it seems that there is a "doughnut hole" time period after a patient reaches a certain $ amount of meds. During that "doughnut hole" time the patient pays 100% for the meds, up to another $ amount. Then, the patient will only pay 5% of the amount from then on. Now, does that make any sense to any one out there? It doesn't to me. But, at the rate she's going it will only be a couple of months before she reaches the next stage.
Check out the giveaway at Cindy's . She has a really neat vintage pattern. Vintage, hum..... it's the style I wore in high school.
Oh yeah, one more thing. You may have noticed that I added a translator to my blog. My friend, Sabine, from Germany, added one to hers so now I can read her blog. I asked her if I needed to add one to mine for her. She can read mine in English, but she said it would be easier for her. So, I clicked on her translator, which sent me to the site to add it to mine. It was easy. I first tried to go through add-a-gadget on blogger and had trouble. Of course, you still have to go through this process, but to find this particular translator was easier going from hers first. Does that make sense?


Meg said...

How cute are those outfits? The colours are gorgeous.

Cindy said...

Nice view from the window. Your world is a much different world up there than mine here. Our houses are so close together my view's my neighbors houses.

Same thing happened with my moms meds. Its the plan she's on. Look into switching her plan.

Right now is the time to hound our congressman and senators about health care. Something needs to be done about the system we have now. We need to let our reps know how we feel so write letters and phone calls. If we don't the big corporations with their lobbyist will have control over the debate.

Myra said...

Outstanding dresses, all of them. Outstanding views to sew by, too. Sorry about your mom, that is rough.

Faye Lewis said...

The ruffles are BEAUTIFUL!

AverettLadyNana said...

Love the sundresses. Sorry about your mom...what is it about UTI that cause confusion in older folks....I know several who the only symptom when they have and UTI is confusion. Thanks for visiting me! I keep my dd three babies who are three and under so I don't get as much sewing time as I'd like. When they nap or rest as the case maybe I am pooped and need to rest too! But I wouldn't want it any other way as they are the light of my eyes.

Christy Sews said...

OMG, those outfits are gorgeous!!

Rhondi said...

Those outfits are too cute for words. They must look adorable on little girls! Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.
(((hugs)) Rhondi

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