Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I AM FINISHED!!! I have finished the one lady's 5 grandchildren's outfits. First, were 2 of the sun dresses. Then, the 12 month romper and shirt. Next, the fiasco with the shorts. Finally, today, I made the two shirts for the bigger boys. Well, I just noticed when looking at these pictures that the pockets on the darker navy shirt are not even. How did that happen? Oh well, they are slightly off on the other shirt too. I'll fix them tomorrow. That shouldn't take long.
Now, I have 2 sun dresses for another lady who works at the nursing home where Mother is. Then, one for a friend from my school for her niece. These are all for a very amsll profit. I am learning very quickly that sewing is not very profitable, because you really can't charge what your time is worth. Except for special occasion things, like flower girl dresses, etc... People expect to pay more for those.
After I finish those I want to make 4th of July outfits (very simple) for my grands. Then, there's the apron for one more of my friends. Finally, I have agreed to make the fabric pieces for some outdoor chairs for another lady for a pittance. These are just straight pieces of fabric with a casing at each end and one in the middle. These chairs are made from pvc pipe; I think that's what she said. She just brought me the old fabric that came off of one. I've also told one of the CNAs at the nursing home that I will repair a pair of her scrubs' pants. They give them 2 sets, and one of hers is almost thread bare. The inseam is ravelling very badly.
We are having VBS this week at my church. The puppets are helping teach the songs. So, I've been going each night. Tomorrow night is the last real night. We started on Sunday. Thursday night is a camp fire, picnic culmination. I'm not going to that.
My SIL who has been here all week to help with my F and MIL is leaving on Friday morning. Another SIL is coming on Friday night. Then, another SIL (my DH has 3 sisters) will come the week after that. It has been a real blessing for us. My FIL will be going to physical therapy 3 times a week for at least 2 or months. So, once the SILs can't be here, it will be up to us. I'm so thankful they have been able to help so much.
Rachel, at Shoes and Sewing: I have been trying to publish a comment on your blog for a couple of days now. For some reason, I always have trouble getting comments to publish on yours. I don't have that problem anywhere else. Does anyone have any ideas why this would be? When I select my server, then hit publish it goes to the box where you type in letters, but it just says "loading" and won't give me letters. I've let it sit for what seems like forever. I always read your blog. I always appreciate your comments on mine, too.
I really like your embroidery. I can't wait to see your baby outfit when it's finished. It looks great so far. That peach yarn is soooo soft looking that I want to touch it! I'm anxious to see your blouse on you. It is very unique.


Gail said...

wow Julia, you really are a most generous sewer. The guys will love these shirts.

Meg said...

They look great Julia, well done.

Trudy Callan said...

Yea, you're done! Awesome shirts.


Cindy said...

That's why I like teaching and just sewing when I have time with no pressure. Everything you need to teach you already have. You sew beautiful and hope they appreciate all the love you put into these items.

gwensews said...

Always, beautiful sewing Julia. You have very well-dressed grandchildren. You are right--people don't generally want to pay what you are worth for yor sewing. Same with alterations. I found that men were the best customers. They didn't question the price or complain.

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Hi Julia,

took a long time to share the received award. But now it's done.

Hope you agree with the words on my blog. If not, please let me know.

Bye + a warm hug

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...


an answer is waiting for you on my blog. (Not sure, if you "followed up this post?)

I always "follow up" when I post on your blog. So I get a mail on your answer.

Julia said...

Thank you for your kind words. If any of my readers haven't checked out your blog I hope they will now. I will work on putting the translator on my blog. Thanks for the information.

window dressing said...

The shirts look great Julia! You always do detailed and creative work. I hope your customers appreciate it.

Christy Sews said...

I've given you a blog award, even though you already have it. Hmmm, now which one is it??

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