Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Red, White, and Blue for Little Man

Little Man will be ready fro the 4th or whenever he feels like wear the red, white, and blue. The shirt is a simple short sleeved button up. I made flat felled seams so it would look finished inside and out. The only thing I had to make sure to do on this shirt was match the stripes on the pocket and shoulders.

I cheated a little on the shorts. There is not a zipper. This is the first pair of shorts or pants that I've made him without one.

There are flat felled seams on the shorts, too. You can see a sneak peek of the back pocket. I put the LM design on these that I did on his denim shorts for his birthday. You can see them here.
Here are pictures of the pockets and side seams. It's hard to see the white on white.

Now, for Kellen and Jenna's. I thought I would have them done by now, but I had to go buy solid white cotton to sew in between the two fabrics. You can see through the stripe and see the design of the stars on Jenna's and the window pane plaid on Kellen's. I'm not sure the extra inside fabric will completely eradicate this but it should help. Theirs won't take long. I hope to get them done tomorrow. My sister is coming for the weekend. Her friend is coming down on Saturday. So, I have to make sure the house is presentable. Also, I'm going to the weddings of two of my former students this weekend. One is Friday night and the other is in Knoxville on Saturday afternoon. I've known both of these kids since they were little bitty. One's mom is one of my BFF, as our students wrote in their notes to each other. He is starting work on his Phd. The other swam on the swim team with my girls when they were just little. She is now a teacher, herself.


Gail said...

Oh Julia, perfect clothes for the little fellow. Is there no cure for your eternal kindness?

Trudy Callan said...

This is a handsome little outfit.

gwensews said...

I love these little boy clothes. You grandchildren are surely the best dressed kids in their towns--or state! You are unbelievable talented.

BConky said...

Whats not to love. Classic good looking boys outfit.

Rachel said...

So precious!!!

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