Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabrics for 3 dresses, some free fabric samples, and an Update on my brother.

First of all, this is the fabric and these are the antique linen hand-appliqued napkins that I am using for the commissioned dress.  This fabric is a fine 100% cotton pique that I bought in Knoxville at Gina's Bernina store.  I haven't shopped there in a long time, so long in fact that they are in a new location, and I didn't know they had moved.  They have wonderful fabrics there.  Most are pretty but pricey.  That's one reason I haven't shopped there often.  But, this time, I didn't need a lot of yardage and this piece is 54 inches wide!  It is the perfect color match to the napkins, so I didn't feel I had a choice.  I have the pleated panel back smocked and I'm going to construct the dress before I actually do the smocking.  I've never done that before so we'll see how it goes.  I think it will be fine.                         
Next, these are the fabrics that I am going to use to make coordinated dresses for our granddaughter who isn't born yet and her big sis.  I am using the fabric on the left with the larger polkadots for big sis, who will be three in August.  This will be one of her birthday gifts.  I'm using the small polkadotted fabric for her little sis who will be born soon.  Their mom wanted fabric that didn't look so summery or springy but that was still light weight since they live in the desert out in Arizona. I'm going to use the two black and white dotted fabrics for bias binding, piping, maybe a little ruffle, etc....... I haven't decided exactly how I'll use them, but I think they will be good accent fabrics for the other two and will help in the coordination of the two.  I also have pleated back smocked panels ready for these two dresses, as well.  I figured that if I can get them all three constructed that I can do the hand-smocking while sitting with my mom, with my brother , or while on an airplane.  So, that's why I'm going ahead with the construction.                                               
This is half of a pile of upholstery samples that were given to me recently.  My husband and sister laughed at me for taking them, but what do they know?  I've already made a small shoulder tote for my friend for her birthday.  She likes to keep her hands free and doesn't like to have a big bag, so I made her a tote that is just big enough for her cell phone, her glasses, and maybe some identification and $$$.  I used three coordinating samples in blue and gold. I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to her.  She loved it, though.  Actually, I may just make myself one, too.  I can make all kinds of cool totes and who knows what else from these.  So, just laugh all you want dear husband and sister.  You may just be the recipient of a gift made from some of these!  Ha!

An update on my brother:
They opened up his incision from his hip replacement, yesterday.  They drained, believe it or not, 4 liters of YUK from the site!!!! They irrigated it and inserted two drains.  He will be in the hospital at least through the weekend.  Those poor nurses!!!  My brother is a dear, sweet, compassionate, but extremely impatient person!!!   This morning a man who is a consultant for infectious diseases came to see him.  He told my brother that they would send him home with an IV port of some somewhere?  I think Home Health folks will come to his house to administer this for him and to check him out.
  I had a feeling they would do this, because he will need these antibiotics for weeks.  Then, once the infection is gone, whenever that is?, they will go back in and redo this procedure, this time putting in a permanent prosthesis. I sure hope this takes care of the staph.  It can be a really nasty germ from all I hear.
When they were preparing him for the surgery, yesterday, his wife and their neighbor were in the pre-surgery holding room with him.  He told the nurses that both of these ladies were his wives because he was a polygamist!!!  Hilarious.  He also told the nurses that his wives had been drinking beer all morning!  I have never seen my sister-in-law take a drink of any kind.  Of course, they knew that it was the drugs talking!  Coming out of surgery, he said that he had dreamed that he was in a movie playing the character of a coach with Meg Ryan.  He thought the surgery was a part of the movie.  He said quite a few funny things.  He called me last night to apologize if he said anything vulgar!  He didn't, but he wasn't sure.  I should have told him that he did so I would have something to blackmail him with later.
It's time to sew a little before going to feed Mother lunch.


Itch2stitch.com said...

Firstly, I love your fabrics! Secondly, I enjoyed reading your update on your brother, I hope he gets better soon. I meant I enjoyed the funny bits.. That sounded wrong somehow! Suzie xx

ShirleyC said...

I'm so glad your brother seems to be on the mend. I do pray the meds do the trick.
You will find all sorts of things to do with that decorator fabric. I used to buy those square samples at Joann's in their sale bin for $1.00 each, and made some really cute pillows with them. I also love the greens for the grands. You have a lot to do.

Sewconsult said...

Pleased that you gave us an update on your brother. Meds can really make us say crazy things. Once when I was in the hospital, my pastor came to visit. He stayed & stayed. Finally, when my hubby arrived for the evening, the pastor told him that I was "really loopy & didn't want to leave me alone". I told my DH that I kept wishing that the pastor would leave so I could just sleep! Heaven only knows what I said to the poor man. The medication is on my list of ones never to be given again!
LOVE all the fabrics!!

MushyWear said...

Great fabric! Love the greens for the grands. They will make lovely dresses. Good to hear the update on your brother. Wow, 4 liters! No wonder he was hurting so bad. Will continue to pray for a complete recovery!

Claudia said...

Glad to hear your brother is doing better and that the wound was drained. Hang in there!


Jackie said...

As always, your fabric selections are fantastic!

I'm glad to hear your brother is doing better. It sounds like he has a long road in front of him. Please keep us posted on how he is doing.

gwensews said...

Best wishes and blessings to your brother for a quick recovery.

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that your brother is doing a little better Julia- I'll continue to keep him in my prayers. I can't wait to see the dress from the antique linen- so beautiful! Love the fabrics you picked out for the girl's dresses too- you must be getting so excited for that baby to be here!

Kathy said...

That's wonderful that your brother seems to be getting better...the nurses probably love him. Also, the fabrics are so pretty....can't wait to see what you create. Hey, I would have been thrilled with those decorator samples too.....hmmm...so much to do with them!!

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