Monday, June 7, 2010


Since this blog is supposed to be dedicated to my sewing and other art pursuits, I have decided to start a new one called, Baby Girl's Observations, that will give me an outlet for writing about my mother and the other wonderful folks at the nursing home with her.  I want to try to get inside their heads and write about what I observe.  I am calling it Baby Girl's Observations because I am my mother's baby girl, but yet, even though she knows me and that I am her youngest daughter, there are times that she thinks there is another baby girl at home who no one will bring to visit her.  Her name is also Julia.  I recently was told by my mom to buy her some shoes, which I told her I did.  I was also forced into telling her that school was out for the year and that Julia made straight A's on her report card because she was very concerned that Julia wasn't doing her work.  She wanted me to go talk to "MY" teachers about her baby girl's work.  See, I want to try to understand some of this kind of thinking.   I know I won't, but at least I will work out some of my frustrations by writing about them.
So, please visit my OTHER blog if you are at all interested in reading my ramblings about my mom and the elderly in general.

Now for ON THE SEWING FRONT:  Here's the other Barbie Dress knockoff.  This one is different in color, obviously, but also in that the lower ruffle is narrower than the top one, partly because I didn't have as much fabric for this one.  That really doesn't make much sense, seeing that the two dresses are the same length, but when I put the other dress together I ended up making both of the ruffles (tiers) narrower.  This one also doesn't have the silver ribbon on the straps. 

Since I added the new blog, something weird is happening when I add photos, etc.... so please bear with me while I figure this out!!!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Julia, I think this will give you a great outlet for the care of your mother. I created a separate blog when I started seeing too many of my thifting, and tea loving posts coming through my quilting blog. I hope your new blog goes well, and that you will be encouraged by others who are walking the same path.

gwensews said...

Writing your observations about your mom may help your sort out your feelings. I hope it helps. Cute dress!

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Julia, I think, it's a good idea to open the new one. Reminds me a bit of keeping a diary. This was always a really good way to me.


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