Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RED SOX JERSEY for Little Man

This is for Little Man.  He was 2 years old recently, hence the 2 on the back.  His dad is a
Boston Red Sox fan.  Since, we are not too far from Atlanta, we claim to be Brave's fans, but we really aren't too fanatical.  Now, if we were talking college football or basketball, it would be a different story.  I couldn't bring myself to make an Alabama, Florida, Connecticut, etc... shirt for one of our grands.  No offense to any of you who are fans of these teams, but if you are I'm sure you totally understand how I feel, because you probably couldn't make a cute little orange and white something, either.  Thank goodness, I won't ever be asked to since our girls are all University of Tennessee fans, just like us.  One son-in-law likes UT, but also NC basketball, and as long as they aren't playing us we can live with it.  Little Man's dad and mom aren't as gung-ho sports fans as the rest of us, but, as I said, his dad does like the Red Sox.
I really had fun making this little baseball jersey.  I used two men's tee-shirts.  I bought one each of red and white at the Family Dollar Store for only $5.00 each.  They were the Bugle Boy brand, and had a very nice feel to the knit fabric.   I cut the shirt from the white one, obviously.  I cut it so that the hem of the tee-shirt serves as the hem on this little shirt.  There was plenty of fabric left for the sleeves and some left over for something else later.  As for the red.....I cut the hem off the red tee-shirt to use for the trim on the placket.  As far as the placket goes, it really isn't a separate piece.  The pattern I used actually had the facing and front as all one piece.  I just folded it to the outside rather than the inside.  I did the back facing the same way, folding it to the outside rather than the inside. 
I ironed a two-sided adhesive to the back of a portion of the red tee-shirt, then cut six little rectangles all the same size from which I cut the letters that spell out RED SOX. I made sure that they would fit the area on the front of the shirt.  I researched on-line to make sure I knew what the Red Sox lettering looked like.  Mine are certainly not perfect, but close.   I cut one larger rectangle for the "2".  After cutting the letters and the number, I pulled the paper off the back, ironed them into place and then zig-zagged around the edges.  I set my machine for narrower stitches that were very close together, almost a satin stitch setting.  It was very hard stitching around the tiny little curves, etc...  I just took it slowly.  (This is the same process I used for sewing the appliques on the "flower" dresses that I posted about a few days ago.)  The two-sided adhesive was labled "for sewing".  Most of these adhesives are gummy and difficult to sew through, because they gum up the needle, but this did not do that!  Yea!!!  I found it at Walmart, believe it or not. I didn't pay attention to the name brand and I've already thrown away the packaging.   I was thrilled to find it.  It sure made the appliqueing easy to do!


Martha said...

How fun! He will be the envy of all of his friends.

KID, MD said...

way cute and nice use of that pattern. That is one of my favorite boy patterns. I've used it so many times!

Trudy Callan said...

Very cute.

gwensews said...

That is just so very cute!

Elle said...

So cute and resourceful! By the way, you won't see any orange and white on any little future Sands children, only red and black (and maybe blue and white... if that's what Kentucky colors are). Laura is very anti-orange on lots of different levels. ;)

Marybeth said...

That is SO adorable... I might have to make a Phillies one for my little man...

Claudia said...

It's adorable and I AM a Red Sox fan!


Gail said...

That is so cute. I'm sure you could make a business selling these if you get past the trade mark licensing issues.

Sewconsult said...

So cute. I need to remember that for my nephew's little boys.

Slipstitches said...

I love that pattern and remember using it many times when my sons where little guys. You are so creative and did an excellent job.

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Nice pattern and the application ... nice too (-:


Marydon said...

Awww! He is going to look smashing in this shirt. You are so creative, Julia.

Give your hubs my Father's Day wishes.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

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