Friday, June 4, 2010

Did I Get Close? And Something That Should Never Be Said!

Here's the original Barbie dress.

Now, here's the knock-off. Please keep in mind that this is a size 10 dress on a form that is a
size 7, so it's kind of baggy looking. I purposely made it so it will fit loosely. This little girl who asked her mom if Miss Julia could make a dress like her Barbie dress, is almost 8, so she has a lot of growing to do, and needs to be able to play freely. I think she'll get some twirling out of this dress. Of course, I couldn't find the same fabric, but at least I got the right color and came as closely as I could.

Her mom said she would want the silver straps. I decided to sew silver ribbon on fabric straps to prevent itching.

This is a picture of this little girl in a dress that I made for her the year she had her 3rd birthday. This dress ended up being almost identical to a Strasburg dress that I saw in their outlet store for $140. The main difference was that the Strasburg dress was trimmed in blue instead of pink.
This photograph is fuzzy because it's a photograph of a photograph. It's hard to see the hand embroidery on the collar.

What should an employee of a hospital unit for Senior Care never say to a family member of one of the patients? "The nursing home probably just sent your mom here to get rid of her because they didn't want to put up with her." Can you believe that's what one of the nurses said to me yesterday? I was livid and haven't calmed down too much yet. I'm getting ready to go back to the hospital for their strict visiting hours and I hope this same nurse is there. I also hope the administrator is there. I have talked to several other nurses, etc... there and to the administrator of Mother's nursing home, who couldn't believe this was said about his nursing home. Of course, I know they didn't send Mother there to "get rid of her". She was sent so she could be helped! They love my mom and just want her to get better. UUUUUGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


beangirl said...

unfortunately,you sometimes get a bad bad apple. shame on her, I hope they at least give her some sort of warning.

From what I've heard about your mom's nursing home, she is well well cared-for. You should definitely count yourself lucky to have such a resource for you both. Don't let that bad apple get you down.

(ANd that is a CUTE barbie knock-off!!)

Sewconsult said...

Oh dear, Julia. A big hug to you. It's hard enough when we see our parents get to this point in their lives. My mother is in assisted living now & not happy. She won't be happy anywhere other than at home & that is just not safe or sensible.
Now, about the comment. I would go to the nursing home admin first & let him know what has been said. It might not be the first time that the nurse had gotten that feeling from the facility. Make sure that there is no question about the quality of people coming in contact with your mom. (From the art work you did, I know that you are a frequent visitor.) Then I would definitely speak to the nurse's supervisor. The nurse needs to learn some better communication skills. Kill the nurse with kindness & maybe she will learn from her mistake! You might need to tell her that she did not help you or your mother by her words & that one day her mother might be in the same boat.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Goosegirl said...

Julia, the dress is darling and a great knockoff.

But I am just sick reading what that person said about your mama. That is terrible. I am so sorry.

Flamingo K said...

You did nail that Barby dress.

I agree with Sewconsult in that you might get best results by telling this nurse exactly how that comment affected you and to express your sincere hope she finds better words to say to the next patient. It'll, hopefully, make you feel better and help her see her conduct a little more may find she feels bad in retrospect, who knows. Here's hoping anyway. Bless you, Dear.

gwensews said...

OMG-how insensitive! I am sorry you are the butt of some nasty remark like that. Although, I'm not surprised. I heard a lot of vile comments during my own mother's "incarceration" in hospitals and nursing homes.

On a happier note--love the sweet little Barbie dress.

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry that the nurse was such a witch. She will probably end up on some type of disciplinary action - which she deserves.

The dress is WoNdErFuL!!! The little girl is going to be thrilled. You think of everything - like trimming the strap so it won't be itchy. This is the type of thing - a dress that matches her Barbie doll - that a little girl remembers forever.

KID, MD said...

The dress looks great - Barbie would be proud.

That nurse on the other hand - very unprofessional and totally out of line! Do talk to her supervisor. She really needs to learn that she can't talk that way about other medical professionals. How tacky!

Slipstitches said...

Love the dress Julia, very nice.

I'm sorry you had to encounter such ignorance at your mom's nursing home. That was a horrible thing for someone to say to anyone and I hope that nurse is reprimanded for what she said to you.

Liesl said...

I love your knock-off - its just perfect! The silver straps look gorgeous.

But what a terrible thing for the nurse to say to you. How incredibly unprofessional and insensitive for a healthcare "professional". I hope the hospital apologise.

Marybeth said...

You should definitely complain! It does sound like a bad apple - when my mother was sick I was always so impressed with all of the nurses - such caring people. But on the night she died we happened to have an insensitive nurse who said some terrible things. I complained and I don't know what ever happened, but I had to say something!
PS - gorgeous knockoff of the barbie dress :)))

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