Monday, June 21, 2010

Peek-a-Boo Baby Mirror

This is a peek-a-boo mirror for our soon-to-be-born new granddaughter.  This will hang on her crib, which is a painted a pretty white, and will be against a yellow wall.  This photo is of the crib at my house that my girls and a whole bunch of other babies have slept in over the years.  This little one will be able to wake up and keep herself occupied with her reflection.                                                                          
I used four unbreakable mirrors that I bought at JoAnn's for a very little amount of $$.    I forget just how much, but it really wasn't much at all.                                                                  
These mirrors have a peel off plastic covering that is to prevent scratches.  It's a good thing this is on them because I got glue all over the front of them.  I admit it, I am a messy person.  I will leave these protective coverings on the mirrors since I'm going to be mailing this to my daughter.  She can remove them before tying it to the crib.
I glued the four mirrors to the back of a piece of canvas board that I had.  I tried using plastic cross-stitch sheets, but the glue wouldn't stick.  I also tried a cool hot glue gun, and that was not working.  I ended up using liquid stitch glue.  
I intended to take pictures as I did each step, but I didn't.  I didn't know what I was doing, I just made it up as I went along.  I cut a piece of the same fabric that the crib skirt is made from that was about 1/2 inch wider all the way around the four mirrors.  I then cut 4 strips of the same fabric that were about 3 inches wide.  Two of the strips were the length of the two long sides and the other two the length of the shorter sides.  I folded these strips in half and stitched the length of the raw edges, and then I turned them and ironed them flat.  I sewed one inch pink ribbon down the length of each of the 4 strips just to make them a little wider.  I stitched the long strips to the long sides and ONE of the short strips to One of the short sides.  I then sewed just the ends of the other short strip to the corner ends of the other end. (I'm not sure this makes sense.)  I did this so that I would have an open end for inserting and removing the mirrors so my daughter can wash this mirror casing.  I then stretched ribbon from the center across to the other center of the two long ends and the same with the short ends.  This forms the window pane look and hides the seams where the four mirrors meet, and it helps to hold the mirrors in the case.
Then, I sewed Velcro strips to each side of the open end to hold that end closed.  Last, I cut 6  (approximately 12 in.) lengths of the ribbon.  I folded them in half and zigzagged several times across the folded edge of the ribbon to hold each strip to each of the corners and at the center top and bottom.
Then, I was done.  I hope these directions make some sense.  One assignment I used to give to my sixth graders was to write directions for making something or playing a game, etc... to see if someone else could understand them to follow them.  I'm not so sure that I have accomplished this myself.


KID, MD said...

That is a fun idea, and so cute!

Kim said...

how sweet! Your daughter is going to love it- and so is the soon to be here Grand-baby ♥ I've never seen mirror material like that before- but now I want some to play with!

Liesl said...

What a clever idea - it looks fabulous (and I understand your instructions!).

Trudy Callan said...

What a great gift. She will enjoy it very much.

Jackie said...

What a cute idea! You know, I've never heard of unbreakable mirrors! I learn something new every day!

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Nice idea (-:

I love those handmade things for babies. Nothing is more personel and given from heart.


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