Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Fix

After posting this picture yesterday, I looked at it closely and realized the bottom tier did not look like it was sewn on evenly. I thought, "Surely, I didn't mess up that badly. It must just be the way the photo looks." But, I was wrong. When I looked at the dress I saw that I had indeed sewn the bottom tier on unevenly.

The solution was to take the bottom tier off. I had to regather it. I actually decided to make the dress slightly shorter, so I took a little bit of length off the top tier. I already had the bottom tier hemmed and didn't really want to do that over. Anyway, I evened up the top tier, regathered, and resewed the bottom tier to the top tier. It seems as if I must really like the words, "top tier" and "bottom tier" since I typed one or the other of them 7 times (if I counted correctly) in these two short paragraphs.

It still looks a little uneven in this photograph, but I promise it isn't. I measured carefully this time.
Once again, I need to follow my own motto, which is, "Take your time, so you don't waste your time." Just think, I could have had the other knock-off of this dress done by now. Oh well, one of these days, I'll learn. By the way, the other copy of this dress is going to be red and slightly different.

Mother up-date: She was calmer last night, except when I was ready to leave. She started crying and said she was so homesick that she couldn't stand it. She also said that she missed her baby daughter (that's me, by the way) because no one will bring her to see her. She knows that I am her daughter, but she sometimes thinks that I am still a little girl who needs new shoes and is doing badly in school. I convinced her that I bought "Julia" some new shoes and that shes made straight "A's" on her grade card! Sure I did!
Today she was so groggy that I could barely get her to eat or talk or even stay awake. Do you think they have given her some kind of medicine to cause her to be this way? Maybe, I'm not sure, but I would rather see her this way than to see her upset, crying, etc....
2 meds have been increased rather than decreased. One med was taken away, and one has been decreased. I am still frustrated. The plan is to leave her in this unit till Monday so that her UTI is being closely monitored and then bring her back to the nursing home where they will welcome her back with open arms (so there nurse who said that they wanted "rid" of her) and try to get her doctor there to work on decreasing some of her meds. At least it's worth a try.

Thanks for all of the well wishes for her. I am dealing with this nurse's comment by talking to the nursing home administrator, and on Monday I will talk to the administrator of the unit she's in now. I hope to get a chance to talk to this nurse, calmly, and let her know how her comment made me feel.


Marybeth said...

I hope your mom is feeling better soon! I think you'll feel better after you talk to the administrator!

ShirleyC said...

I never noticed it needed fixing. You did a good job, and I'm sure it will be well received.
I hope your mom improves soon.

Gail said...

Your grandkids are getting taller aren't they. Hope all is well with your Mum.

Donna said...

Dear Julia, My heart goes out to you! I know what a struggle that can be to get the nursing home to give the right meds...and you are right, sometimes they help make them happier but then the downside is they are groggy and kind of out of it. I do pray you and the medical staff find a happy medium for your mom. I took care of my granny who had alzheimer's for the last year of her life in our home. We played a lot of little games since she couldn't remember me from day to day. I had to remember to just keep was really the best medicine for both of us. :o)
PS. Gorgeous dress!!

MushyWear said...

I didn't notice the lop-sided tier on the first version. But I do like the dress shortened a bit. Makes it look more like the Barbie dress. Very pretty. I think you will have one thrilled little lady when she sees it!

You are a blessing to your mom. Although I don't know you, I feel happy to hear of your devotion to her. Too many elderly folks have no one to advocate for them. I pray she feels better soon.

Trudy Callan said...

Julia, the dress is very pretty.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to see your mom this way. That was a horrible thing for the nurse to say. I would definitely take it up with the administrator.

Thank you for encouraging Emily and letting her know how real rock stars are. She doesn't know. She just likes to play around and sing and imagine herself as famous.

Marybeth said...

Hi, Julia! Thanks for your comment on my blog... I hope your mom is feeling better, and that you are too! Media is a suburb of Philadelphia - it's about 20 miles SW of the city... If you're going up 81, you are north and east of the city...

Michelle said...

What a great dress, wonderful work. Good thoughts for your mom.

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