Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Down 3 to Go!!

As you see I made French seams again.  I do on most of the girls' really dressy stuff, especially when the fabric is really thin.
In the sleeve I added a piece of tulle gathered to give it some umph!!! I trimmed it very close to the seam so it won't scratch Riley's little shoulders.   Since the fabric is so thin and soft the sleeves wouldn't puff enough to suit me.  Sometimes I don't want puffy sleeves, but this time I did.  I also did French seams when putting in the sleeves.  I never had done that before I made this and Emory's dresses this year, but it gives such a finished look on the inside.
As you see I put three little buttons.  I like buttons in a special dress.  I almost never do zippers.  It depends if it's for play or dress up.
As you see I inset two strips of the trim into the sleeves on a diagonal and made the sleeve band just like the trim around the hem with the ribbon on either side.  I used a feather stitch down the center of the ribbon.  I bought yards!!!! of this ribbon at a little store near me that has amazing prices on everything.  I'm going to do a post on this place soon.  The lady apologized that some of the fabric was $5.00 a YARD!!!! 
Instead of a slip I felt that this dress needed to be lined to give it a little more body.  I hand embroidered a very simple design around the hem of the lining.  I know that it will never show, but Riley will know it is there and that her Granmomma spent time on her.
Here's the finished dress.  There are four strips of the trim inset into the skirt flaring out from the center of the skirt top.  This photo looks kind of wanky because of the way I tried to spread it out so you could see the trim better.
This dress was a lot of fun to make and every stitch was made with love for Riley.  When I am making something for the grands I keep that "one" on my mind the whole time. 
 Little Man's is next.  I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for him, but as I told someone earlier today I change my mind with every stitch.  I can't wait to get to Jenna's and Kellen's, too.  I do have something completely in mind for theirs; we'll see if I stick to my plans.
I probably won't get to start till Wed.  I have to work tomorrow, then tutor, then go to the chiropractor, then to see my mom.  Long day.  Tues. I'm going to work, but I have to leave early to go have a laser treatment on my left eye for glaucoma.  This is the 2nd time for this eye.  I had the other eye done in Aug.  It's not a big deal, but just a little uncomfortable.  I'm off on Wed. though, so I plan to sew all day.  


Rachel said...

That dress is SO GORGEOUS!!!

Faye Lewis said...

We got unbelievable snow all day on Sunday and by Monday morning it was all gone. Thanks for thinking about me.

Meg said...

What a beautiful dress, it's just precious!!! My granny used to make all my little dresses when I was little, and I always thought of her when I wore them... so I'm sure your granddaughter will appreciate all the love & extra details you put in!

Sewfast said...

Hi Julia,
I nominated you for the Sisterhood award...go check out what I said about you! Mary :)

gwensews said...

Beautiful dress. You must have a lot of hours in it. It's a labor of love, for sure.

Faye Lewis said...

Hey, I left a new award for you on my blog.

angie.a said...

That is just a beautiful dress! I love the yellow and all of the little touches!

Good call on my Lu, she is a 6th grader! She's a fabulous girl. :)

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