Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Man's Suit All Done!!

I finally finished my Little Man's Easter suit.  Here it is being modeled by the University of Tennessee's mascot, Smokey.  He's cute, but not nearly as cute as our real Little Man.  His arms and legs aren't nearly long enough.  We'll have to get some cute shoes for LM to wear.
( I forgot to put a label in Emory's dress, and I already sent it.  I will mail one to be ironed on.)
These are the patterns that I used for sizing.  The bottom view of the hat is sort of like the "cabby" hat that my daughter wanted for LM. I didn't know what these hats were called so I looked up "hats" on the internet and found out they are called "cabby driver's" hats.  I studied the way one like it was made at Walmart the other day.  So, it went together pretty quickly.  The tie is a fake one with a velcro fastener in the back under the collar.

Thank goodness the jacket, tie, and hat went together easily and quickly.  Today was my day off, and I woke up sick with a stomach bug.  Several of my students have had this bug this week, so I guess it was inevitable that I would get it, too.  I sewed all day anyway.  I didn't go to the chiropractor, to visit my mom, or to church tonight, though.  So, since sewing is my therapy, I feel better this evening.
Now,  I plan to  get everything ready to start on Jenna's and Kellen's dresses.  I am really excited about them.  I try to do something I haven't done before on a lot of the things I make.  I have a couple of new ideas for these dresses.  These are my big girls.  They are old enough to tell me how much they appreciate what I make for them.  I dread the day that Kellen, the oldest, thinks she's too old to wear the styles I like to make.   I also dread it when she doesn't think it's cool to wear home made things.  

Spring is upon us!!  This is one of my forsythia bushes.  It isn't at full bloom yet, but I couldn't resist posting a photo of it.  It's been so warm here this week - upper 70s.  But, today it started getting colder, and we're supposed to get rain tomorrow and Friday
Prayer request - 
The principal at my school  had a very severe heart attack on Saturday.  He's in his early 60s.  He's had heart issues in the past, but nothing this serious.  He's in the intensive care unit at  the Univ. of TN Hospital.  He's on a ventilator.  His kidneys are not functioning properly.  They are struggling with getting his BP stabilized.  Perhaps you can say a prayer for him.  His wife, son, DIL, grandson, and our faculty and students would appreciate it alot.  

On a lighter note:  the girls' basketball team at the high school that my school feeds is in the state finals this week.  They play tonight!!  I taught most of these girls.  The baseball team has 6 boys who have already gotten college scholarships for next year.  The cumulative academic average of the team is 3.64!!  I taught most of these boys, too.  I guess it's all because of me,  lol!!!   


Rachel said...

That is adorable!!! I love the blue lining.

gwensews said...

How adorable. Wow! I'm in awe of your children's clothing. Ever think about going into business? You would be swamped in a few days.

Looking foward to seeing what you come up with for the bigger girls.

Sewfast said...

I love the suit for your little man...especially the hat!!! Darling!!! Also saying prayers for your principal. Hope you continue to feel DH has had a fever for a couple days and my throat is starting to hurt! Of course it's my weekend, so I'm sure I'll be fine by Friday when I go back to work!

Tanya said...

That is just too cute. I will keep your principal in my prayers.

Angelia said...

Oh! How sweet!!! When my son was little I made him clothing but nothing like this! My sewing skills weren't that good back then...
Awesome job! And the hat... its TO CUTE!
I will keep the principal in my prayers

gwensews said...

Julia, Christine Reilly is in Morristown. Here's a link to her:

You asked how old my grandsons were. One is almost 2, and the other 7 months.

Prayers for your principal.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I love the blue lining! And your lapels look wonderful! Great job and you got it done in plenty of time before Easter! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on the outfit!

Bunny said...

Darling, darling suit with all the bells and whistles! Your blog is lovely and thanks, Julia, for directing me here. I will visit often. It sounds like we are both on the same time schedule with our Easter sewing. So much to sew....

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