Monday, March 9, 2009

"Fifty" in honor of Mary !!

I read Mary's blog about how she and Barbie are both turning 50 this year, and I remembered this poem that I wrote (not that I'm much of a poet, but it's fun anyway) for my friend the year she and I hit that milestone!!

So here's to Mary:  (That's funny,  my friend I wrote the poem for was a Mary, too!)


Fifty - a birthday we thought would never be.
Our moms are fifty - not you and me!
We were to be forever and eternally young,
'Cause when you're old you can't have fun!

But, then we got married and had our little ones.
Fun wasn't over; it had just begun.
Our families kept us busy, running here and there.
We hardly even noticed our thirtieth year.

Thirty was actually a pretty good decade.
We were so busy, we didn't notice when our waists began to fade.
We were so slim and cute, there was no way
Our figures would go, and our rears would splay.

Forty was the beginning of our wake-up call.
The kids were getting older and didn't need us  at all.
We sat up waiting for them to come home.
We worried and fretted when they would roam.

Oh my gosh!  We're acting like our moms did.
Remember how lame they were when we were kids?
They got on our nerves and embarrassed us so.
Now, it was our turn to say. "No!"

But, now our kids are grown and gone.
We have time to think because we're alone.
But, thinking at 50 is not easy to do;
We find our brain cells have become few.

Not only our brain starts to go at our age;
Sight and hearing also leave at this stage.
There are hormones to take so our bones won't be brittle.
Our waists aren't fading; we've doubled our middles!

Those cute clothes we once liked to wear,
Let's face it - we just don't have the flair!
Dentures, arthritis, aches, and pains
Have all become part of our game.

However, all is not so bad at this time in our lives.
We've made wonderful friends and lifelong ties.
Our children are young, responsible adults.
We've done our job with good results.

Life is much slower  at this stage of our life
Perhaps we'll have time to relax with no strife.
We can renew old friendships now that there's time
I hope this is true of yours and mine!

We've always know the other was there.
Now, we can take time to visit and share.

by Julia

What was I thinking -life will be slower!   time to relax!  no strife!!  
What planet was I living on when I thought these thoughts?  I've never been busier.  Oh well, I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I will need to start work on our 60's poem in a few more years!  Yikes!!  Maybe, life will be slower then.  Hummmmm?

Happy birthday to Mary, Barbie, and any other 50's bloggers!!


Tanya said...

Cute poem, maybe I'll read it in a couple of years at my 50th birthday party

knitmachinequeen said...

Julia you are so talented and funny.

Faye Lewis said...

How close do you live to Atlanta, I'm 2 hours away (I drive slow).

Sewfast said...

Thank you Julia...that really touched me!!! (and made me laugh!) This blogging thing has truly been a blessing because I have made great friends like you! Thank you! Mary

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