Monday, March 9, 2009

New Little Man Shirt

I am so much happier with this shirt.  I had more photos, but my camera has not been working right lately, and not all of my photos will upload on my computer.  Also, it just now quit altogether!!  It won't turn on.
The collar on this shirt lays better and I made the sleeves a little fuller.  I also made the double seams like on a regular man's shirt.  It's like blue jean seams.  Anyway, they lay better, too.  This fabric is going to wrinkle more than the other.    I had this fabric.  I decided not to wait till I could got to the fabric store to get more, because then it would be Wed. before I would get to remake this shirt, and I didn't want to wait.  Now for the jacket, hat, and tie.  I may not be as ambitious as I thought I was going to be on the jacket.  It may be simpler than I first had in mind. 
I've got to get to bed.  I'm so tired, and tomorrow is a long day with no sewing time!!!!


Jackie said...

very nice. some little boy is going to look all grown up in this. If you ever make it downunder, specifically Melbourne, you'll have to let Pam @ Come Wot May (my friend) and myself know. Perhaps we could organise to catch up.

gwensews said...

Ok, so now you've convinced me I must sew a suit for my little grandsons. The shirt is perfect!

Susan said...

Very nice! Little boys will wrinkle any material anyway. lol. Great work.

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